Students able to pick up a purchased yearbook June 16 through drive-through format on campus


With blue gloves and face mask covering her mouth, math teacher Nicole Knutson (left) gets ready to hand off another yearbook to the next person pulling up to the drive-through distribution lane on the parking lot near the Performing Arts Center Tuesday afternoon. Yearbook adviser Lindsay Safe (center) supervises the operation while math teacher Mariam Tan uses a chromebook to confirm the names given to them. Photo taken by Accolade opinion editor Hope Li.

Accolade Staff

More than two weeks after the end of the 2019-2020 school year, students who ordered a Helios yearbook were able to pick one up Tuesday during a drive-through pickup process in the parking lot outside the Performing Arts Center {PAC].
The 312-page annual, themed “Keep Talking We’re Listening,” also includes a 23-page supplement — all of which were not available for distribution before the end of the school year because of a delay in its publication process. The contracted printing company was shut down for a period of time during the coronavirus pandemic — an issue that affected campus yearbook programs statewide.
According to page 306 identified as “Reference,” a total of 1,100 books were published with the purchase cost ranging from $85-$130 depending on when the yearbook was purchased.

Math teacher Nicole Knutson gives the 2020 Helios yearbook to one of the motorists pulling up the tent Tuesday during annual distribution day. The 2019-2020 Helios book was delayed for more than two weeks from the end of the school year because the printing plant that publishes them was closed down for a certain period of time during the coronavirus crisis. Photo taken by Accolade opinion editor Hope Li.

“I can’t believe we did this,” wrote co-editor-in-chief senior Olivia Hur on page 307, the “Editor’s Note” section. “Coronavirus really took the best of us, but I’m really not ready to say goodbye.”
Hur’s co-leader, senior Kaylee Kim, started her “Editor’s Note” section in a much more celebratory tone.
“WHOO-HOO! The book’s finally here,” Kim wrote. “And it’s BEAUTIFUL!”

Like with previous drive-through events held before the end of the school year, motorists entered the parking lot near the PAC from the Lancer Way entrance off Bastanchury Road, where they drove up the hill on a two-lane road. There, two tents were set up manned by Safe, assistant principal Hilda Arredondo and math teachers Cristian Bueno, Nicole Knutson, Kari Morita and Marian Tan.
Students were given staggered times to pick up the yearbook based on last name and starting at 1 p.m.