The Accolade


This editorial appeared March 31, 1960, in the first edition of The Accolade school newspaper. Our editors thought it would be appropriate to include it on our website to explain to our readers the origin of our newspaper’s name and to uphold its mission to provide “service with honor.” 

Why “The Accolade”?

When the journalism class began to select a name for the paper, we wanted most of all a name which would denote a serious approach, a name which would indicate our desire for quality. We believe that The Accolade has that indefinable property known as “class”.

Naturally, it was important for the paper’s name to tie in with the school name. Remembering that we think of Lancers as a kind of knight, the connection is not hard to see, for the accolade was the name of the action which climaxed the ceremony of conferring knighthood. This action, conferring a great honor and filled with dignity, was called the accolade.

We pledge loyalty to our school and we will strive to bring honor to our school through the quality of our work. The Accolade has class, indicates service with honor, and represents our ideal.

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