YouTube’s ‘Some Good News’ with ‘The Office’s’ John Krasinski uplifts viewers amid coronavirus crisis


An artist’s rendering of actor John Krasinski in his new YouTube series, “Some Good News.” Art by graphics editor Erin Lee.

“Stay positive.”

“There’s a silver lining in all of this.”

“It could be worse.” 

These are among some of the statements that my parents, older sister and friends have been telling me over the past few weeks. 

Yes, my senior year has ended two months early thanks to COVID-19, and that’s definitely put a damper on my mood.

From one event cancellation to another, it’s hard to see the light in spite of the pandemic. However, a well-known comedic actor brought out some underlying positive news amid the coronavirus crisis. 

“The Office” star John Krasinski released a YouTube video on March 29 titled “Sharing some good news.” The 43-second clip was the first upload of Krasinski’s new channel, “Some Good News” [SGN]. (The second video was posted March 29).

The video begins with Krasinski speaking to former “Office” co-star Steve Carell, sparking “The Office” sentiments among many fans. Throughout the time, Krasinski touches on several heartwarming stories that uplift peoples’ spirits in these times of distress. 

With over 1.4 million views as of April 10, “SGN” has immediately sparked interest among people who are stuck at home and feeling down, including me. 

I first saw the clip on Krasinski’s Instagram page March 29 because as a long-time fan of the show myself, I try to keep up with the entire cast and crew by following their social media platforms. 

Carell and Krasinski interacting on-screen immediately caught me off guard, and the first thing that popped into my mind was a reboot of the show being announced. Although that wasn’t the purpose of the video (I still have high hopes for a reunion, though), Krasinski’s video made me feel excited to focus on something other than the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Too much of the news nowadays is centered on the negatives. Though a majority of what goes on is unfortunately despondent, I don’t even watch the news because it’s just one bad story after another. 

On the other hand, I do know that all news is important, whether good or bad. But for a change, it’s nice to listen to something that can actually keep me happy and realize much more positivity does exist out there. 

As of now, I don’t know what to expect from “SGN.” Krasinski already came up with this great idea, so I’m looking forward to seeing what other good news he has in store for his viewers.

What I do hope to see is more interactions with “The Office” cast like Rainn Wilson or Jenna Fischer, who even has her own podcast with Angela Kinsey called “Office Ladies.”  

I’m looking forward to watching these upcoming videos that can remind people that current times are not completely negative. 

As Krasinski encouragingly says on “SGN”: “Even indoors in the weird world of isolation, good news is happening everywhere.”