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The Student News Site of Sunny Hills High School

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The Accolade

Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae, “Along with the Gods”) brings his dalgona, a honeycomb-like candy, to the light, and discovers a new way to cut out the umbrella shape during ppopgi, the second round of the competition that comprises “Squid Game.”

Though a bit too violent at times, South Korean hit ‘Squid Game’ resonates with all cultures with its accurate portrayals of those in heavy debt

Rachel Yun October 19, 2021

One crack, and it’s over. Ppopgi is a traditional Korean game played by carving out the imprinted shape on dalgona, a frail honeycomb-like candy, that often leads to fractures if one is not careful...

“BookTok,” a subsection of the popular social networking platform TikTok, leads to an increase in students’ interest in books and reading.

BookTok revives students’ love for reading

Nevya Patel September 24, 2021

Prior to the pandemic, bibliophiles would walk into the library with the intention of strolling through the shelves in search of a book that would interest them. They could explore different genres and...

Everything about Drake’s Certified Lover Boy  from its album cover, to its overdone themes and gaudy lyrics makes it worth throwing it in the trash. Kanye West’s Donda, however, should be given a listen because of its fresh sounds and  poignant tribute to his mother.

Critic’s Notebook: Kanye West’s Donda dominates over Drake’s Certified Lover Boy

Anthony Keem September 21, 2021

I remember listening to “Lift Yourself” by Kanye West in 2018 when he sang nonsensical variations of “poopity scoop” over the beat to spite Drake, who wanted to use the same beat in a song for...

Dean Williams (left), played by Elisha Williams, and Cory Long (right), played by Amari O’Neil, bond over a fishing trip. The ABC TV series, “The Wonder Years,” will make a grand return to the entertainment industry with its reboot set to premiere Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 8:30 p.m.

1980s-1990s ‘The Wonder Years’ reboot features all African-American cast, brings new perspective to life in the ’60s

Kate Yang September 21, 2021

Six seasons. 115 episodes. One family.  From 1988 to 1993, “The Wonder Years” stole thousands of viewers’ hearts centered on the life of a young teenager, Kevin Arnold, who narrates the series...

Marvel’s latest “Shang-Chi” delights with first-time majority Asian American cast

Michelle Sheen September 14, 2021

Starring its first Asian American superhero, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings” made its long-awaited appearance as the second Marvel movie released this year, representing the rich Chinese...

BTS English releases, Permission to Dance, Butter and Dynamite, all received a lot of spotlight as the group becomes a global sensation.

BTS’ new music becomes ‘too Westernized’ as recent singles are all in English

Dominique Chang September 13, 2021

When “Dynamite,” the first BTS song completely in English, came out on Aug. 21, 2020, I remember initially thinking that this was an amazing way for BTS to publicize itself to wider audiences beyond...

Played by Joey King, Elle (left) shares an emotional moment with Noah, played by Jacob Elordi, in the final installment of the “Kissing Booth” Netflix series.

‘Kissing Booth 3’ fails to ‘make out’ any satisfying conclusion

Anthony Keem September 3, 2021

The conclusion to the “Kissing Booth” Netflix romantic comedy series rehashes tropes and disappoints viewers through the third installment’s poor plot and characters.  Directed by Vince Marcello...

Actress Scarlett Johansson, who reprises her role as Black Widow in Marvel’s “Black Widow,” has filed a lawsuit against Disney citing a contract breach.

Actress Scarlett Johansson’s fight for justice in lawsuit against Disney emphasizes the Black Widow in her

Rida Zar August 23, 2021

Since the 1930s, superheroes, largely regarded for their passion, sense of justice and commitment to the people, have served as role models for younger and older generations.  As one of Marvel’s...

From one of the most anticipated blockbusters of 2021, The Suicide Squad features Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, who fights her way out of the Corto Maltese prison in which she had been held captive.

‘The Suicide Squad’ brings a pocket full of entertainment with its unpredictable plot and striking action

Andrew Park August 18, 2021

Remember watching Iron Man, Captain America and Thor team up to combat the massive alien herd in New York? At the time, these moments filled audiences with wonder — that is, up until the release of “Black...

Remastered and new games such as ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition,’ ‘Knockout City’ and ‘Mario Golf: Super Rush’ receive viral feedback from students eager to play.

New games launch just in time for students summer break

Hanna Jung May 24, 2021

With only one week left of the school year, those who don’t plan to go to summer school will have some new video games to play and keep themselves busy with should they continue to stay at home. Mass...

Board and Brew makes all of its sandwiches — including the $9.50 Chicken Club (left), $12.95 Baja Beef and $8.95 Baja Wrap — with fresh ingredients and its secret, gluten-free, nut allergy free, vegan-friendly sauce.

Board and Brew offers healthy, tasty sandwiches worth the drive — and a bite

Lauren Jung May 21, 2021

“Do your tastebuds need a visit from the flavor fairy?” Board and Brew, the new restaurant that celebrated its grand opening in La Habra last month, displays this question on its website as it invites...

An artist portrays some of the works eligible for an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. The Academy Awards, however, snubbed Japanese works, “A Whisker Away” (left) and “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train,” (right) but gave a nod to “Shaun the Sheep the Movie: Farmageddon.”

The Academy Awards has a blind eye for animated visuals in diverse languages

Sydnee Tallant April 24, 2021

I’ve been an anime fan since the summer of 2011.  “Sailor Moon” first intrigued me with its aesthetically pleasing introduction and entertaining episodes. The main character, Usagi Tsukino, and...

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