Staff Editorial: With the campus closed to students until March 30, thank goodness we have a news website to keep us connected and informed


The 2019-2020 Accolade staff with its sixth-place Best of Show award for its first issue of the year titled, “Media Under Fire,” will keep its online news website live even though the campus has been closed to students from March 16-20. Image used with permission from Arya Patel.

A message from The Accolade editorial board:

If COVID-19 happened just two years ago, The Accolade would have had to wait until students can return to campus for our staff to publish any articles related to this pandemic in our print product.

With the school shut down for a week before spring break, we would have had no other way to operate as a media outlet to provide our readers with the latest content. This is how the power of our nearly 2-year-old website comes to play.

With the district’s implementation of remote, online learning and students staying in their homes to work on assignments from their teachers, The Accolade staff members can continue to work on stories — about coronavirus or not — and post them for our readers to stay informed and connected.

So despite whatever challenges students and teachers face this coming week of March 16-20, The Accolade will utilize our online news website to its fullest potential.

However, in times of crisis like this one, we still need the support of our readers to provide the best coverage. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] with any comments, images or videos of how you are remotely learning or dealing with the coronavirus threat, and our editors will review them and decide which ones to post on our website.

Additionally, if you have any thoughts on the shutdown and cancellations/postponements of Sunny Hills’ traditional events, providing us with comments on how you feel about these would also be a great help.

Recognizing the growing impact of the COVID-19 on the rest of the world, The Accolade plans to work on a special print edition about the novel coronavirus and how it has impacted our campus and community upon our return to campus March 30. We hope you pick up this special April 3 edition in your fourth period class. (We will continue to provide you with updates should we not be able to return by March 30.)

We wish the best of health for everyone and hope this crisis ends as soon as possible.

The Accolade editorial board is made up of the top editors and section editors on staff with the guidance of adviser Tommy Li. If you have a question about the board’s decision or an issue for the board to discuss and write about, please send an email to [email protected].