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Freshman Matthew Gallardo rushes to pick up his lunch meal at the RoundHouse on Monday, Oct. 16, during lunch. In the 2023-2024 school year, more students have picked up meals because of improvements made to school lunches.

Believe it or not, free lunch meals are tasting better than ever

Kevin Lee, Staff Reporter November 15, 2023

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed legislation earlier this month that was championed by an 11-year-old boy named Zacky Muñoz. Known as the Muñoz Student Allergy Framework for Emergencies Act – AB 1651, the...

Starting March 2024, the SAT standardized test will become digital only, and students will be able to use their own devices to take the test, which will run for two hours and consist of one section for reading and one for mathematics. Nevertheless, junior Christopher Lee still finds value in traditional SAT prep books.

COLUMN: I’m looking forward to be among first in the U.S. to take digital SAT version next March

Chris Lee, Staff Reporter November 13, 2023

SAT, SAT, SAT.  I’ve heard about this standardized test since elementary school from friends, teachers and parents. I was going into seventh grade at Parks Junior High when my parents got me my first...

Sophomore Isaac Gaxiola (right) takes a look at the top of the Uno card stack during his lunchtime game with his friends Monday, Oct. 30, in Room 138. The group has recently been spending the second half of the 30-minute lunch period playing what an online article calls Americas Favorite Game.

COLUMN: If only I were eligible to apply to be a ‘Chief Uno Player’ – and get paid $20K for it

Dareen Hagekhalil, Staff Reporter October 30, 2023

Uno has been around for 52 years. It’s a simple card game of numbers and colors with the objective of being the first player to get rid of all of the cards in his or her hand. Uno is easy enough for...

With the heated academic environment, many Sunny Hills students, including junior Seowon Han, strive for recognition through grades, awards and programs. This further extends to titles such as try-hards and overachievers.

I’M A TRY-HARD: Toxic overachievement culture pushes me for recognition

Seowon Han, Spotlight Editor & Business Manager October 20, 2023

In sixth grade, I first overheard this phrase passing by a lunch conversion: “Asians get A’s because they’re not ‘B-sians’ or ‘C-sians.’”  After processing it for a second, the underlying...

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s introduction of Threads, aims to topple X, or Twitter, as the popular social media platform for posting news and other information.

COLUMN: X vs. Threads; when it comes to challengers, I choose the mainstays

Troy Yang, Staff Reporter October 13, 2023

Coke or Pepsi? Netflix or Disney+? Twitter or Threads? When it comes to choosing the establishment over the newcomer, I’m the kind of person who would choose the former. Like with many of my...

A student (left) reads The Great Gatsby  while another opts to read an online summary of the novel. More students nowadays are choosing to do the latter.

From CliffsNotes to SparkNotes: Should I join the lot and take the easy way out of doing my reading assignments?

Dareen Hagekhalil, Staff Reporter September 26, 2023

“Did you read it?” the classmate behind me in my English 2 Honors class asked his friend sitting next to him. “Of course not,” the friend replied with a whisper. We were all waiting for the...

An artist’s rendering of Oli London, who received 32 cosmetic surgeries to resemble K-pop idol Jimin from BTS, and the medias reaction after netizens saw London’s transformation.

Overwhelming South Korean influence in the West transforms culture into a mere aesthetic

Nicole Park, Copy Editor September 19, 2023

Five years ago, British influencer Oli London began attracting media attention after appearing on a television show called “Hooked On The Look,” which showed the process of him receiving over 30 cosmetic...

Protesters, especially in South Korea and China, have expressed their concerns over Japan’s radioactive wastewater release, which occurred Thursday, Aug. 24, and will continue as a 30-year project. The Chinese government, for example, has banned Japan’s import of fish and other seafood.

Japan’s release of radioactive wastewater troubling despite International Atomic Energy Agency’s approval

Irene Sheen, Managing Editor August 23, 2023

Waving picket signs and banners marked with the words, “Don’t nuke the Pacific,” for the past few months, protesters have gathered by the streets of Japan to rally against the country’s daring...

A NEW CHAPTER: Photography creates a new snapshot in my life

A NEW CHAPTER: Photography creates a new snapshot in my life

Rebekah Kim, Photo Editor June 2, 2023

Two strikes. Three balls. Runners on first and third. I could see the sweat trickling down the sides of my brother’s face as he took a deep breath and began his wind up on the mound. Moms in the stands...

I took a turn for the better

I took a turn for the better

Grace Min, Sports Editor June 2, 2023

In 2019 on the first day of freshman year, I wrote an introductory letter to my English 1 Honors teacher in which I discussed my family background, core work habits and the goals I planned to adopt for...

Staying true to my words

Staying true to my words

Giselle Suastegui, Feature Editor June 2, 2023

“We want Richman Park!” “We want Richman Park!” “We want Richman Park!” Carrying a sign that towered over my little body, my five-year-old self sat on the shoulders of an unfamiliar...

High school brought forth a new me

High school brought forth a new me

Henry Lee, Web Editor-in-Chief June 2, 2023

If someone asked me four years ago what I thought my high school journey would look like, I would not have had an answer for them. Why? I thought I would be dead at one point in the four years high...

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