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The Student News Site of Sunny Hills High School

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The Student News Site of Sunny Hills High School

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 Disneyland visitors remove their masks while in the dining area on July 15. Though tables are spaced out, workers must keep face coverings on at all times. During sophomore Susie Kim’s visit to the park, most guests remained without face coverings following the lift of COVID-19 mandates beginning June 15, which made her feel uncomfortable.

Mickey Mouse or Harry Potter? I choose the Happiest Place on Earth to have more impressive COVID-19 regulations

Susie Kim December 6, 2021

My middle school’s Class of 2020 was hit with immense disappointment when all our end-of-the-year activities were canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Especially since most of us attended...

Staff Editorial: New Ethnic Studies course signals important step toward a fairer history curriculum

Staff Editorial: New Ethnic Studies course signals important step toward a fairer history curriculum

The Accolade Editorial Board November 10, 2021

The Accolade editorial board vote count: 15 consider a semester-long ethnic studies class becoming a requirement for high school graduation a beneficial addition to students, 2 do not.  Living up to...

As a result of overloaded academic schedules and extracurricular responsibilities, students stay up late to finish their homework and study for their upcoming exams, leading to sleep deprivation.

No more snoozing out on sleep

Nevya Patel November 9, 2021

Teachers always remind their students of two basic necessities the day before a big test: eat a good breakfast, and get a good night’s sleep.  Consuming a nutritious breakfast stimulates brain power...

Junior Grace Min poses with junior Stacy Kim in their matching Halloween costumes as the Fireside Girls on Oct. 29.

I’ll choose to collect treats with a mask

Grace Min October 31, 2021

Doors shut. Lights off. Empty candy bowls.  This was what the typical house looked like in the formerly festive Halloween season of 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the percentage of people...

Music to his ears. Accolade business manager senior Daniel Kong got school officials to create a Google Form that allows students to submit school-appropriate songs for playing on the speakers. Before that, assistant principal Melissa Stinson would play songs from iHeartRadio through the school speakers during break and lunch.

Don’t play the radio, let the students DJ!

Daniel Kong October 20, 2021

After more than a year of distance learning, I eagerly stepped onto the Sunny Hills campus for the first day of my senior year on Aug. 16. Many things had changed for those who never came to campus...

Use of autocorrect contributes to worsened spelling in addition to the decline of other critical writing skills.

Autocorrect may spell out disaster for post-pandemic students

Anthony Keem October 19, 2021

It is inevitable that during the past year of online schooling, when most writing assignments were online, students’ spelling abilities have declined because of corrective writing applications.  Students...

In her deep forest green colored dress, senior Minjeong Kim practices curling her hair in front of the mirror before attending the Homecoming dance on Oct. 16 at the Sunny Hills High School quad.

Hey, it’s my first high school dance, and I’ll wear a mask if I have to

Minjeong Kim October 15, 2021

I never expected to attend my first high school homecoming dance with a mask on. I didn’t attend any social functions in my previous three years of high school because I didn’t have the desire to...

Sophomore Irene Sheen eats lunch with her group of fellow 10th grade friends near the math and science wing. Unlike last year’s virtual learning when she typically spent her lunch time in solitude, Sheen appreciates the company of her friends.

Halfway through the fall semester, and I’m so glad as a sophomore to finally get my ‘high school experience’

Irene Sheen October 14, 2021

For so long, I convinced myself that I wasn’t much of a people person. During this digital era, as long as I have my handy laptop, I assumed that I would be perfectly fine with learning in an environment...

The recall election of California Gov. Gavin Newsom will be held today on Sept. 14 until 8 p.m. It is expected to cost around $275 million with a total of 46 candidates, including media personality Caitlyn Jenner and conservative radio talk host Larry Elder. However, with many of the candidates inexperienced in politics, the recall election is a waste of time and money for California and Newsom.

Vote No: Newsom’s recall election is wasting everyone’s time and money

Daniel Kong September 14, 2021

During California's 171-year-old history, the state had only held 10 governor recall attempts that have successfully qualified for a ballot election. Today on Sept. 14, that number will increase to...

A roller coaster train swerves through Goliath’s track at the world’s fastest wooden coaster speed of 72 mph as it nears the record-breaking 180 foot drop. This was one of the many rides in which several park goers remained unmasked, which sparked concerns from those who preferred to strictly adhere to the Center of Disease Control’s COVID-19 regulations.

Buckle up for a glimpse into my daring visit to Magic Mountain

Irene Sheen September 8, 2021

Last June, after the end of the distance-learning school year, my mom informed me that my three cousins had purchased Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets reserved for June 19, in hopes that my sister and...

Assembly Bill 104, passed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, now gives students the ability to change their letter grades to pass/no pass grades, interim retention and exemption. Legislation enacted the bill to counteract the effects COVID-19 had on students who found it difficult to learn through online classes.

Staff editorial: Assembly Bill 104 provides students with a chance to academically redeem themselves upon coming out of distance learning

The Accolade Editorial Board September 7, 2021

The Accolade editorial board vote count: 16 consider Assembly Bill 104 to be beneficial toward students, 2 do not. To some, the two years spent away from live classroom instruction opened a gateway...

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