WE MATTER: District’s mental health specialists make right call to help students seeking refuge in school restrooms


Summer Sueki

The girls restroom in the quad displays a mental wellness sticker between the mirrors, listing several helpline services and three QR codes on Thursday, Feb. 2. The Fullerton Joint Union High School District distributed personalized posters for each school, consisting of the school colors and mascot.

The Accolade Editorial Board is unanimously in favor of the Fullerton Joint Union High School’s [FJUHSD] decision to provide students with resources that prompt healthier mental well-being.

It starts with a single assignment, but by the end of the day you have a daunting to-do list staring back at you. Just as the number of tasks pile up, high school students’ stress about juggling academics with personal life becomes overwhelming and in desperate need of attention. 

Thankfully, the FJUHSD recognized this and took initiative to support its students. 

In a January 2022 Staff Editorial article, The Accolade Editorial Board previously suggested that the district bring in awareness about mental well-being services. After a year, students who may be experiencing mental health difficulties are able to access the help they need.

On Jan. 20, stickers featuring QR codes that direct students to various hotlines for LGBTQ+ communities and suicide prevention among others began to pop up on campus bathroom walls. 

Although this new implementation can be prone to vandalism, the district’s efforts in aiding the struggles of students will outshine the possible downfalls.

Safe environments entail a place where students feel free to express their emotions and have their needs met in order to reach their social, emotional and academic potential. 

Behaviors that reflect a healthy mind also reflect a nurturing and involved school, which hopefully will prevail on campus. 

The Accolade Editorial Board is made up of the top editors and section editors on the new 2022-2023 staff with the guidance of adviser Tommy Li. If you have a question about the board’s decision or an issue for the board to discuss and write about, please send an email to [email protected]