Adele releases relaxing, melodic album after five-year hiatus


Jacqueline Chang

An artist’s rendering of Adele singing her new single, “Easy on Me,” at the “One Night Only” concert special. The English singer-songwriter released the album on Nov. 19 to detail the hardships she endured after her divorce.

Dominique Chang, Assistant Business Manager

Divorce, heartbreak and self-destruction: a triple-tiered saga that no fan of Adele ever expected to encounter before the release of her newest album, 30 — a homage to tormenting post-divorce pain that she managed to escape for her and her son. 

The British singer-songwriter released the album Nov. 19, five years after the release of her previous album, 25

By incorporating elements of jazz and soul, Adele taps into new music genres and crafts an album that’s peaceful and relaxing to listen to.

According to Elle, the album has been in the making for three years. Adele used this album as a way to answer important questions in her life regarding her journey of finding herself after her marriage breakup.

Although she experienced her divorce earlier in March of this year, she expressed how this album is more of her “divorcing herself” rather than a “divorce album” as she is ready to let go of all the bitter feelings within her. 

30 consists of 12 songs sharing an underlying calm, soothing vibe while some also carry an exciting, higher tension in energy.

For listeners who like to linger in the presence of peaceful, more melancholy songs, tracks toward the beginning and end of the album like “Strangers By Nature”’ and “To Be Loved” will suit their taste. The more upbeat tracks like “Cry Your Heart Out” and “Oh My God” will appeal to those who gravitate toward cheerful, brighter songs.  

The lyrics in this album directly reflect the heartaches and exhaustion Adele underwent, making listeners feel all the more sympathetic toward her marital plight. 

In “Easy On Me,” Adele croons, “You can’t deny how hard I have tried / I changed who I was to put you both first / But now I give up.”

The singer’s clear emotions seeping through the verse reveal to her fans and her son, Angelo, the reasons behind her divorce, but most of all, they seem to give the clarity she so desperately avoided. Adele’s heartfelt lyrics also make it easy for listeners to relate their own situation or feelings to. 

“Love Is a Game” shows the jazz implemented into this album. As the last track, the song reveals that despite all the struggles, Adele has bounced back and is willing to take on life and career again, leaving listeners feeling empowered.

The jazzy, upbeat vibe also help with the feeling of self-liberation listeners already received from the lyrics. 

Overall, the album is definitely worth the wait of five years for these latest songs. Each track flows like a story plot with beginning ones revolving around heartbreak and later tunes concentrating on redemption. 

This album can be seen as one that can help many people cope with their emotions of hardship as it provides a sense of safety and is easy to relate to. And of course, Adele’s fans can’t wait to see what she has to offer for 35.