Vote No: Newsom’s recall election is wasting everyone’s time and money


Tommy Li

The recall election of California Gov. Gavin Newsom will be held today on Sept. 14 until 8 p.m. It is expected to cost around $275 million with a total of 46 candidates, including media personality Caitlyn Jenner and conservative radio talk host Larry Elder. However, with many of the candidates inexperienced in politics, the recall election is a waste of time and money for California and Newsom.

Daniel Kong, Business Manager

During California’s 171-year-old history, the state had only held 10 governor recall attempts that have successfully qualified for a ballot election.

Today on Sept. 14, that number will increase to 11.

However, only 46 candidates will be on the ballot seeking the most votes compared to the 135 in Gov. Gray Davis’s 2003 recall election – the last time California ousted a state leader. Nevertheless, the results for these 46 will not matter if a majority of voters opt to keep Gov. Gavin Newsom in office, which is what they should do.

A Sept. 10 survey from the University of California, Berkeley, showed that more than 60% of voters are in line with this thinking. Many still trust in the governor’s record since starting his first term as governor in January 2019.

In issues ranging from homelessness and criminal justice to education and the environment, the state’s former lieutenant governor has proven his competence by addressing prominent problems as he successfully passed bills banning the death penalty in California and prohibiting future fracking.

Some might argue that the money he’s been giving away to illegal immigrants and unions from teachers to prison workers is only placating the electorate. But in 2018, when he ran for office, his campaign promises focused around helping the lower class; since then, Newsom has made community college free, healthcare more affordable, and expanded homeless services. 

Obviously, this recall stems from the COVID-19 pandemic and how Newsom specifically dealt with it.

Some Californians criticized Newsom’s reluctance to reopen industries and small businesses – including schools — while others complained about his lack of strict enforcement of mandatory masks.

But these people fail to remember that California contains the largest population size out of any state with 10 million more people than the next biggest state, Texas.

Newsom provided free COVID-19 test kits, enforced mandatory social distancing and ensured schools retain state funding of nearly $40 million. Moreover, he helped schools across California by providing “4,000 Chromebooks to students and free Wi-Fi to 100,000 rural households for a minimum of three months,” according to an article on EdSource.

Nonetheless, the state of California is estimated to spend $276 million on today’s recall election, according to, a Sacramento local news source. A majority of the money will be wasted on health and human service programs such as voting stations complying with COVID-19 regulations and personal protective equipment for an election full of candidates with significantly less qualifications than Newsom.

Out of all the 46 candidates seeking to earn the most votes to replace Newsom if the majority votes to oust him, conservative radio talk show host Larry Elder is currently the frontrunner, according to a survey conducted by the University of California, Berkeley. 

With California having the largest economy in the nation, it is essential that the person holding the highest position in the most populous state is qualified.

Larry Elder, Caitlyn Jenner and John Cox are all respected figures in their own fields, but even combined, they wouldn’t have nearly the amount of political experience as Newsom.  

In Newsom’s three years as governor, he has created a stabilized health care plan, expanded housing and most importantly, led California through the pandemic.

But he’s not done yet. Newsom still has campaign promises that he’s ready to fulfill.

Vote Newsom today for the future of the golden state.