New games launch just in time for students summer break


Samantha Galang

Remastered and new games such as ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition,’ ‘Knockout City’ and ‘Mario Golf: Super Rush’ receive viral feedback from students eager to play.

Hanna Jung, Videographer

With only one week left of the school year, those who don’t plan to go to summer school will have some new video games to play and keep themselves busy with should they continue to stay at home.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remastered version of the Mass Effect trilogy, launched May 14 as one of the 30 games that was released this late spring. 

“I have not heard of this game, [but] I do enjoy thrilling fighter games like this seems to be,” junior Natalia Santillan said. “The graphics also look nice, so I can tell that it’s a well-developed game, and I would try it out if I got the opportunity.”

Most of the upcoming or released games are covered by various YouTube game experts.

Retailing at $59.99, the single-player action role-playing game [RPG] sells to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users available through EA, GameStop and Target and features an updated collection of all three trilogy games — Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

Following a science-fiction inspired storyline, the game’s most noticeable update can be found in the graphical enhancements in which Mass Effect 1 underwent the largest change. For example, the game now runs in 4k resolution and features more detailed backgrounds and characters.

Other additions include a unified character creator that allows players to keep the same features across all three games, as well as increase the accuracy of functionality in combat weapons and the fine-tuning of the calibration in in-game vehicles like the M35 Mako. 

“The new [version of the] character Liara T’Soni in this game looks quite futuristic,” Santillan said. “She kind of reminds me of Nebula from the Marvel movies; she’s pretty cool-looking.” 

Along with Liara T’Soni, all characters across the game underwent enhancements to their features, outfit textures and skin tones, presenting them in a more realistic manner. 

In contrast to Mass Effect Legendary Edition, games compatible with the Nintendo Switch such as Knockout City Standard Edition launched May 21, and Mario Golf: Super Rush is soon to release June 25. 

“Since I prefer multiplayer games, I would definitely be open to trying out both Knockout City and the new Mario Golf game,” said Aimee Kwon.

Knockout City, a third-person game, presents a unique approach to weapon games since players use dodgeballs instead of the usual guns to eliminate players. It is free for Switch users or available to Xbox, PC and PS4 owners through Nintendo and other video game stores for $19.99.

Mario Golf series’s seventh installment, Mario Golf: Super Rush, is a multiplayer virtual golf game that supports up to four players — available to purchase for $59.99. 

“Since all the Super Mario games I have played so far have been super fun and addictive, I’m honestly willing to give this new Mario game a try,” junior Neona Suthanurak said. 

Users can compete with online opponents as one of 16 different characters that have their own unique stats or flashy moves, called Special Shots.

Along with the ability to tee off in Standard Golf, Speed Golf and even an RPG Golf Adventure mode, players can now perform newer trickshots, find power-ups and compete against online opponents at battle-golf in a virtual stadium.

“I usually enjoy Mario Games because they’re super fun to play with friends and family,” Suthanurak said. “Summer is the perfect opportunity to catch up with these new video games and hopefully give the Mario one a shot.”