Is Wonder Woman sequel worth $14.99 to stream?

Rachel Yun, Sports Editor

Fans waiting for the much delayed sequel to “Wonder Woman” but don’t want to catch it in theaters on Christmas Day will now be able to watch it from home on the streaming service, HBO Max — a move that Warner Bros. Studios has for the first time decided to do for its 17 other upcoming releases next year.

Junior Darshil Sheth planned on watching “Wonder Woman 1984” over winter break in a local movie theater but changed his mind upon realizing how much that could pose a safety risk for his family.

“The fact remains that people have to meet their personal responsibilities in theaters, which isn’t guaranteed,” Sheth said. “I’m probably going to watch it on HBO Max so we don’t have to risk our health, especially since my family has pre existing conditions.”

Sheth’s family’s decision to pay $14.99 a month for HBO Max is among only 22% of 161 responses to an Accolade online poll asking, “Would you be willing to subscribe to HBO Max to watch ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ for free when it’s released on Christmas Day?”

As of Dec. 11, 42% voted for “I don’t know; depends on what the buzz is about this movie when it’s released,” while 36% opted for “I’d rather wait for the COVID-19 vaccine to arrive so I can watch it in a movie theater.”

Junior Carolyn Tran said she’s going to do neither as she isn’t feeling optimistic about the sequel, calling it unnecessary.

“When I first watched the [first film], I thought it was a good approach to incorporate heroine characters and showcase female empowerment in the entertainment business,” said Tran, who also predicts the sequel to be a bomb because of the overwhelming success of the first film, which grossed more than $821.8 million in box office sales in 2017. “The trailer seemed interesting at first, but it felt like the new villain overshadowed Wonder Woman and all the overwhelming aspects made it confusing.”

Taking place several decades after World War II, “Wonder Woman 1984” follows up on Diana Prince and her life away from her home island of Themyscira.

Prince’s romantic interest, U.S. soldier Steve Trevor, somehow makes an appearance in the sequel, which also introduces villains Maxwell Lord and Cheetah.

The fate of the superhero film had been treading on thin line since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, pushing the film’s release date from Dec. 1, 2019, to June 5 earlier this summer.

Because the coronavirus crisis did not settle down, Warner Bros. decided to push back the opening to Oct. 2, and finally to Christmas Day. The studio decided on the film’s postponement to clear room for its other films, including “Tenet,” which was released Sept. 3, in movie theaters.

As a self-proclaimed avid comic book reader, Sheth said he found the first film to be a great addition to the DC Universe. He enjoyed Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the demi-goddess, specifically her battle cries.

“I’m excited to see some of the new features of the movie as well, especially the golden outfit featured in the trailer because those outfits are usually reserved for really strong people,” he said. “I also heard that Hans Zimmer is the lead composer for the film, which excites me because some of his works are my favorites.”

After “Wonder Woman 1984,” Warner Bros. is scheduled to release “Mortal Kombat” on Jan. 15, and “The Little Things,” on Jan. 29.

This story originally appeared in the Dec. 14 print issue, which can be read here.