Cavetown’s new hit album Sleepyhead is bound to be a hit for all indie pop lovers


Standing in front of a red wall, singer-songwriter Robin Skinner, more commonly known as Cavetown, poses for the camera after his new album’s debut.

Dominique Chang, Assistant Business Manager

Robin Skinner,  also known as Cavetown, an English singer-songwriter, came out with a new hit album called Sleepyhead on March 27, discussing common struggles him and many others experience catching the attention of many listeners. This new album incorporates both modern pop, rock, and even some Indie style music allowing all different types of listeners to be intrigued.

Sleepyhead consists of eleven songs that all have a soft and calm vibe while also carrying a high tension energy as well. For people who like to relax in the presence of calmer songs, “Snail” and “Empty Bed” are a great fit. For others who favor pop songs, “Sweet Tooth” and “Pyjama Pants” are recommended. 

This album includes Indie pop which is not a common genre of music. This allows for the album to stand out not only among usual listeners to the artist but also manages to attract others  who have never heard of Cavetown before. Not many artists incorporate more than two different types of genres of music in one album. Songs like “Telescope” and “Feb 14” lean more towards the Indie pop side of the album. 

Cavetown includes alliteration in some titles of his song as a technique to attract more listeners. “Wishing Well”, “I Miss My Mum”, and “Pyjama Pants” are songs that include alliteration but also contain a deeper meaning under the spelling. 

Different artists make features throughout the album. Chloe Moriondo features in the song “Snail”. Her feminine voice harmonizes well with the voice of Cavetown and brings another sense of peacefulness to the table. The song starts off calmly and gradually changes to pop. 

The song “Wishing Well” also includes a feature of Drew Monson. This song is more towards the Indie pop side of the album. The voices of Monson and Cavetown sound well together as they have contrasting voices. The different voices create a sense of variety within the song. The few moments of harmonization bring relaxation, as one’s voice is always smaller than another’s. Cavetown’s voice mostly dominates throughout the calming song with features of Monson’s harmonization. 

The lyrics in this album are evidently heartfelt and compassionate. “I Miss My Mum” is a song Cavetown wrote while apart from his mom. He wrote it while missing the warmth of his mother. The relationship between a mother and her child is something so sacred to humans. It is a one-of-a-kind relationship that can never be replaced. The heartfelt emotions of Cavetown are passed on to the listener as his feelings are clear through not only his lyrics, but his voice. 

His emotions are clear throughout each song. He sings each song with great feeling allowing the listener into his intricate headspace. The different thoughts and emotions he feels are clear and can be depicted by reading the lyrics. His feelings of missing people, loving people, and feeling lonesome are evident. The different emotions he portrays allows different types of listeners dealing with their personal problems able to relate to at least one song in Sleepyhead. 

“Sweet Tooth” expresses feelings of liking someone which can help a teenager in the same shoes. Many people go through problems of being stuck in an one-sided love. This song can bring reassurance and help people relate through not only the lyrics but the emotion depicted in his voice.

The song “Feb 14” stood out as it was in the middle between Indie and pop. This song is very romantic and expresses the deep emotion of love. Loving someone and having a significant other is something so special. Cavetown expresses the importance of love through the different emotions he portrays. 

The chorus of the song is also very catchy as it includes some rhyme. One lyric says “I got your letter/ Hope you feel better”. Not only does the rhyme make it easier for listeners to sing along to, it allows Cavetown to express what he is feeling.

“Things That Make It Warm” is a great song to relax to. It calms oneself and has the ability to be at peace. The lyrics express emotions of love and the idea of doing everything together with a significant other. The imagery of waiting for someone is used through the metaphors “I’ll be waiting here with Junior and the flowers that we’ve grown”. 

“For You” would be a song to stay away from as Cavetown starts singing one minute after the song starts. The first minute is an instrumental with no lyrics. Not only that, but “For You” is a remix of “Sweet Tooth”, so they partially sound the same. If anyone were to listen to one, it would be better to just listen to “Sweet Tooth” instead of listening to both. 

The song is only two minutes long and he starts singing one minute in, so it is even shorter. This song also comes right after “Sweet Tooth”, so it can be repetitive for people. 

Overall, the album was very peaceful and relaxing to listen to. It mentioned different emotions that are very common within people today. It allows people to relate to them through the music and can allow a sense of safety.

The album picture fits the overall feeling of the music as it gives off a relaxing effect. It is a hand-drawn painted picture of a cat laying down. This produces a sense of warmth and security. If the picture were to be photographed, it would not give off the same feeling of security and warmth.

Sleepyhead is an amazing album for people to listen to that has the ability to catch the attention of many different people. It portrays different struggles people face on a daily basis through addictive, smooth-flowing tunes. The deepest thoughts come to one at night which may have inspired Cavetown to name his album Sleepyhead

Most of all, it provides a sense of relaxation and security which keeps the listeners listening. The addictive tunes of the diverse songs keep the listeners awake. Sleepyhead will definitely not be putting anyone to sleep.