May 27: My bucket list once California reaches Stage 4 of stay-at-home order


Art illustrated by assistant graphics editor Karen Lee. 

Isaac Choi, Social Media Manager


This is part of a series of columns from The Accolade staff about their various experiences during the school closure because of the coronavirus pandemic. If you would like to submit some of your experiences, please email us at [email protected].

After California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued new guidelines on May 25 allowing houses of worship to gather again, I began to hope that California would continue its gradual reopening so I could go outside freely again.

My first course of action would be to get a haircut. Currently, my hair has been the longest it’s ever been and is in dire need of a trim. My parents tried to give me a haircut, but it wasn’t the same.

Next, I want to go back to my everyday life and go to the beach, eat at restaurants and visit my friends’ houses. But before life returns to normal, I must consider caution first; my parents have told me it’s better to leave once the situation has calmed down.

Once the quarantine lifts, I hope to visit relatives that I haven’t been able to see because of COVID-19 regulations advising people to stay at home and minimize contact with one another.

The last time I saw my cousins was on Thanksgiving Day last year. It is a tradition to meet up and spend time together during special occasions, and we planned to meet during spring break. During quarantine, my cousins and I have been exchanging calls nonstop and checking on each other.

My friends and I resolved to schedule a day after quarantine and social distancing regulations have lifted where we can go to the mall or go swimming together.

One of my favorite places I like to go with my family or friends is the beach, so I plan to go in the afternoon and have a bonfire that will last until the beach closes, so that we can spend as much time together as possible.

Another activity on my list is to play tennis again with my team and friends. I miss playing, and I have to practice again so I can play at my best when tennis season starts. 

Instead of actually hitting tennis balls, I have been doing core exercises and running on the treadmill to stay in shape.

Since quarantine, my plans to get my driver’s license have been pushed back, but I’ll try to get a start once summer starts.

But most of all, I miss hanging out with my friends, and I hope that we can reconnect as soon as this quarantine lifestyle comes to an end.