Cavetown’s ‘Sweet Tooth’ music video needs more bite


Cavetown’s lead singer Robin Skinner in a close-up during the music video of one of his recent songs, “Sweet Tooth.”

Alexandria Kim

“Sweet Tooth” by British band Cavetown is a worthwhile song but lacks an appealing music video to go along with it. 

The extended track — lasting six minutes and 28 seconds — is about intense love that causes a rush of feelings and emotions. The lyrics compare this kind of affection to having a sweet tooth; as if the feeling is as addicting as sweets are. 

The words sung by Cavetown frontman Robin Skinner also outline the feeling of affection as a kid-like one similar to a cavity or a sweet tooth rather than describing it as a more serious commitment. 

Meanwhile, the music video, directed by Moon (“Lucky Girls”) and posted on YouTube to promote Cavetown’s March 27 released album, Sleepyhead, instills a sense of humor in the song by taking its topic and making it into a sort of video game with various levels of play.

For example, on one of the levels, the player (the 21-year-old Skinner) has to pass by an enemy undetected and get to a specific room. The challenges provide a slight level of suspense because of the bosses that loiter the area though it’s clear that the lead singer will never be in any form of true danger.

One main weakness to this production is that it’s not really connected to the lyrics of the song beyond the fact that the video game is about teeth. This creates a lot of confusion for viewers and gives the music video no meaning to the song. 

Many of the scenes are insignificant to the lyrics, and it is hard to understand the meaning behind most of the scenes and how they relate to the words. 

Overall, the song is catchy, but the music video behind it fails to reflect the former accurately and instead proves more insignificant. If only Cavetown and Moon had sought after something with more bite.