20 Questions for Top of the 2020 Class: Sunghee Lee will continue her academic studies as a Bruin at UCLA


Senior Sunghee Lee celebrates her high school graduation as one of the 12 valedictorians at the Buena Park High School stadium on May 14. Image posted with permission from Sunghee Lee.

Hannah Jeong, Assistant Feature Editor

In lieu of our senior print issue, The Accolade has decided to conduct a Q and A with each of the 12 valedictorians for online posting.

Question #1: What are your plans after high school?

Answer: I am going to be a cognitive science major at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Question #2: Which extracurricular activities and clubs have you been a part of? 

A: Helios, Red Cross, National Honor Society, Compassion in Action and California Scholarship Federation.

Question #3: How do you feel as one of the 12 valedictorians?

A: I am very honored.

Question #4: How do you feel about the second semester of our senior year and graduation being canceled?

A: Definitely sad …

Question #5: What or who motivated you the most during high school and why?

A: God because He is good.

Question #6: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: A person saving lives

Question #7: What was the most challenging in the four years of high school?

A: Doing Mr. Oudega’s visuals.

Question #8: Which class was the most threatening to your valedictorian status?

A: AP Chemistry… I loved the class, but stoichiometry…

Question #9: What has been the highlight of high school?

A: Getting Nature’s with YeaJin during late nights.

Question #10: Describe your high school experience in three words.

A: “Sunghee or Sarah?”

Question #11: Complete the sentence: “I will always remember …”

A: I will always remember filming a Spanish movie project with my friends until 3 a.m.

Question #12: What was your favorite class?

A: AP Biology (s/o to my bio fam<3).

Question #13: What will you miss most after you graduate?

A: I will miss the people and actually being in class with them.

Question #14: Did you have senioritis?

A: No, never.

Question #15: What is your greatest achievement during high school?

A: It has to be getting the picture that I took on the Helios Instagram page @shhshelios.

Question #16: How have you changed since freshman year?

A: I got smarter.

Question #17: Out of all your years in high school, which one was your favorite and why?

A: Senior year because everything became meaningful.

Question #18: Can you give me a senior quote?  

A: “Be thankful.”

Question #19: A word of advice for underclassmen?

A: Eat well.

Question #20: Would you like to thank anyone? Do you have any final words?

A: I would like to thank God and the most loving and supportive family and friends out there.