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Seniors sell board games, raise over $1,000 to support locals who lost their jobs during quarantine

Seniors Daniel Magpayo (left) and Meagan Kimbrell sit in front of Magpayo's car parked in the driveway of his neighborhood containing some of the board games they drove around selling on Oct. 21. By doing this, they raised over $1,000 and donated the money to support Fullerton locals struggling financially during quarantine because of COVID-19.
Lauren Jung January 20, 2021

Seniors Daniel Magpayo and Meagan Kimbrell wanted their Fullerton neighbors to slide down some Chutes and Ladders. The more they did, the more they were able to raise money to support their fellow Fullerton...

COVID-19 makes first year of high school more difficult

In front of a backdrop marred by a pandemic and political turmoil, some of Sunny Hills' newest class of freshmen have struggled to adapt.
Hannah Lee January 12, 2021

Names have been changed for anonymity. With the arrival of the holiday season comes the cheerful atmosphere of festivities like shopping for gifts, decorating Christmas trees or baking holiday treats. Many...

’21 New Year’s resolutions even more special because of pandemic

Freshman Kayla Taylor writes down her resolutions on a piece of paper Dec. 11 at home while wearing her Apple Airpods.
Grace Min January 1, 2021

After starting the 2020-2021 school year with the distance learning model, students’ New Year’s resolutions are sounding very familiar: less procrastination, improving studying habits and finishing...

What’s in the cards for 2021?

The Accolade speaks to various experts including Sunny Hills teachers
and even some local forecasters — yes, psychics — to find out what the new year has in store for Americans and the rest of the world.
Alex Lee, Ashley Han, and Irene Sheen December 30, 2020

During the last presidential debate, Democratic nominee and former vice president Joe Biden described 2021 as the start of a “dark winter” because of the spread of COVID-19. Will 2021 start out...

Q & A with congresswoman-elect Young Kim, one of 3 female Asian Republicans to win a House seat

After donating masks and hand sanitizers with Karat Packaging, Young Kim (right) meets with firefighters from the Chino Valley Fire District on Nov. 25.
Aaliyah Magana December 26, 2020

Young Kim will be sworn in to Congress Jan. 3 after narrowly defeating Democratic incumbent Gil Cisneros in last month’s elections. When that happens, she will be making history as one of three Asian...

‘Dear Mrs. Claus’ ad campaign flips script to bring mothers to forefront

A young girl shares a wish list not for the guy in the red suit, but for his wife, Mrs. Claus. In its latest ad campaign, Zulily is highlighting the true force behind the holiday season.
Omar Mettwely December 23, 2020

“You better watch out / you better not cry / you better not pout / I’m telling you why / Mrs. Claus is coming to town.” That’s right, it’s about time that someone recognized the work of Santa’s...

Senior’s efforts featured on ABC7’s Eyewitness News offers an opportunity for special needs children to ‘Always Dance’

Dance Production [DP] member junior David Burns teaches a Sept. 19 9:30-10 a.m. dance class for special needs children ages 8-12. Burns teaches dance classes for fellow DP member senior Elliana Kim’s brainchild The Always Dancing Project.
Hope Li December 20, 2020

It’s called the Always Dancing Project. But for the 150 kids with such disabilities as cerebral palsy, down syndrome and autism, they are learning to do much more than that. For two sisters in the...

Students stay ho-ho-home for the holidays

Some students have turned to games like Among Us to help pass the time while staying at home.
Sydney Lee December 18, 2020

Sunny Hills students have had to adjust to how they celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones amid the COVID-19 crisis, and now they must do so again this month during winter break. “Usually around...

Meet Fred Jung — SH alumnus, former Lancer football coach and now Fullerton’s first Korean-American Council member in years

A then-volunteer coach, Fred Jung (middle)
with the stands for a team picture with the Sunny Hills football team in August of 2009.
Hanna Jung December 15, 2020

As a Seoul immigrant who moved to the U.S. at only five years old, Fred Jung faced bullying and teasing for being the only Korean American attending his school until sixth grade. “With loneliness,...

Virtual competitions cause more stress than success for many SH student clubs

Then-freshman Magdalene Kho (left) and then-junior Hannah Kim take a practice Codebusters exam Feb. 14 in preparation for a Science Olympiad competition. This school year, however, all Science Olympiad exams have been moved online, thus creating problems for some test takers.
Ashley Kim December 12, 2020

It was sophomores Magdalene Kho and Lynette Ochoa’s first virtual competition for the Science Olympiad club. “I was very nervous about it because I put a lot of pressure on myself for this event...

Her gig is her jig: Ranked No. 1 in California, freshman Irish step dancer aims to tap her way to the top at the next world championship in July

Wearing a black skirt, freshman Jane Craig celebrates Sept. 19 her third-place finish with her sash and a horseshoe trophy she received from The Cowboy State Feis competition in Casper, Wyo. Craig was among 14 other Irish step dancers who competed in the event. The 14-year-old is currently ranked No. 1 in California for Irish step dancing, seventh in the U.S. Western Region, 12th in North America and 65th in the world.
Minjeong Kim December 10, 2020

The jig is not up for freshman Jane Craig. In fact, this jig -- also known as Irish step dancing -- is still happening for Craig even during the coronavirus pandemic. “I love dancing because it’s...

Students learning from home allows them to hit snooze on dressing up, setting new Zoom fashion trends

Seniors Vivian Tran (left) and Emma Suh (right) rock their pajamas, which consist of gray sweatpants and a comfortable top during their Zoom classes.
Rachel Yun December 8, 2020

Waking up at 6 a.m. and rushing to pick out an outfit for the school day was a routine for senior Vivian Tran.  Picking out a skirt, blouse and matching accessories while getting prepared for her classes...

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