The one in which I’m excited for the ‘Friends’ reunion


Art by Accolade staff writer Katherine Kim

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way …”

“I’ll be there for you.”

Yes, those iconic lines from the opening song of “Friends” will return — and not just as reruns on cable TV or streamed on Netflix.

On Feb. 21, Max WarnerMedia announced that the “Friends’” cast will get back together for one new episode to be aired in May.

According to, the reunion is an untitled unscripted special that will debut on the media streaming service HBO Max, along with all 236 episodes of “Friends.”

When I first got Netflix last October, I asked my friend if he had recommendations for any good shows, and “Friends” was his immediate answer. He told me if I were going to watch it, I should hurry because the show would be removed Dec. 31, 2019, from Netflix because “Friends’” original production studio would start up its own streaming service similar to what Disney has done with its works when it started Disney Plus.

As a result, I watched the first episode, and I was instantly hooked. Not many shows have actually made me break out in laughter, but “Friends” did just that.

Moreover, I fell in love with each cast member, and if I had to choose, Joey Tribbiani would be my favorite character because he’s the funniest out of the six main characters. Each episode was equally enjoyable to watch, and major plotlines like the whole Ross and Rachel shenanigans kept me anxious to find out how their relationship would get resolved (are they on again or off again?).

So far, my favorite episode has to be “The One With Holiday Armadillo.” It arguably made me laugh because when everything was going fine, Chandler walks in as Santa, which ruins Ross’ Hanukkah lesson to his son.

I finished watching up to the eighth season before the series was removed from Netflix, and I was distraught because I didn’t get to see it end. But, I asked my parents, who are also avid “Friends” fans, if I missed anything major, and I was shocked — but also relieved — when I heard that Ross and Rachel got back together.

For that reason, I am looking very forward to the reunion episode of “Friends” because I miss watching the show. I hope that in the reunion episode, the cast will reminisce on their favorite episodes while also creating new memories for viewers out there.

In addition, since my birthday is coming up next week (March 27), my parents can possibly buy the DVDs of the remaining seasons that I haven’t watched yet, so that I could catch up by May. I also hope my parents will subscribe to HBO Max so we can all enjoy the reunion episode together.