LeBron James no longer deserves ‘King’ James title after remarks in favor of Chinese totalitarian regime


Art by assistant graphics editor Karen Lee.


The hypocrisy is real.

Football players like former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick kneel in protest of racism of White America, but basketball star LeBron James succumbs to the will of the totalitarian regime in China for the sake of money.

I think it’s obvious which is better: Xi Jinping, a communist dictator who sets up concentration camps and commits an endless number of human rights abuse, or U.S. President Donald Trump, the democratically elected president of the United States who divided our nation with his provocative tweets. 

Any sane American would support Hong Kong’s efforts to promote democracy because the suppression the residents there are going through is something our country has fought to attain while also trying to liberate other people all across the world.

Los Angeles Lakers star James does not think so.

For those who choose to be unaware of this controversy, it all started October 4 when the Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey twitted “Fight for freedom. Stand for Hong Kong” while some NBA teams were in China for preseason games — the Lakers included. 

Throughout the American players’ trip to China, NBA commissioner Adam Silver imposed a gag order on all players and coaches from speaking to the media.

Upon return from China to the United States, the media obviously wanted to know what James and other outspoken NBA players and coaches thought about the whole experience in China as well as their opinion about the Tweet that rocked the NBA world.

In an interview, the most likely basketball Hall of Famer condemned the Rockets’ general manager’s Tweet: “We do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative things that come with that. too.” 

He then added: “I also don’t think every issue should be everybody’s problem.”

The NBA also condemned Morey’s tweet with their official statement on October 6 calling it ‘regrettable.’

I understand the NBA has a lucrative business in China, but that does not serve as an excuse to condemn a fight for democracy we have always supported throughout history.

Though the NBA should not pull out of the business contracts it has with China because of the government’s conflict with Hong Kong’s protesters, but I am disgusted to see that they act in a hesitant manner to speak against them for something that is truly evil and immoral.

This also shows how two-faced James is because he previously criticized Trump saying he is “dividing our nation” in a CNN interview on July 30, 2018 and yet he cannot step up against the true evil that still exists in this world.

Yes, Trump has been racist, provocative and divisive, causing significant chaos in our country, but that does not mean he is worse than the Chinese leader, who is a true racist to the roots treating some minorities in China like slaves, suppressing any forces of opposition and leaving their laborers devoid of any rights whatsoever.

So this is a chance for sports players to fight for another cause that is right. Kapernick has fought for the right cause by protesting against discrimination in America, but I think everyone can agree the situation in Hong Kong is far worse than the dilemmas minorities go through here.

Mr. LeBron James, evade yourself from the hypocrisy. You are wealthy and perhaps one of the greatest basketball players of all time. I understand there is a necessity in order to continue your career to maintain good relations with China. However, please apologize for condemning Morey’s tweet because it did not only insult Daryl Morey, but also the millions of activists in Hong Kong and people all across the world working to liberate from human rights abuse.