New ‘Office Ladies’ podcast worth a listen; reunites fans of hit NBC series


Angela Kinsey (left) and Jenna Fischer will start a new podcast Oct. 16 bringing fans behind-the-scenes details from their former NBC TV show, “The Office.” Image posted with permission from Stitcher/Earwolf.

Michelle Buckley, Editor-in-Chief

As a fan of NBC’s “The Office,” I, among many others, was upset when I first heard the show would be leaving Netflix in 2021. However, cast members Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have a great way of making it up to fans by giving them an opportunity to unite over a special project the two have been working on.

Premiering Oct. 16, Fischer and Kinsey will start a weekly podcast, “Office Ladies,” with American comedy podcasting network Earwolf, in which they watch each season’s episodes from the show starting from “Pilot.” The cast members will discuss behind-the-scenes details and trivia. The new podcast will be available on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and “anywhere you can download podcasts,” according to a Sept. 11 Instagram post from the two ladies.

Fischer and Kinsey released a trailer for their podcast on Sept. 25 explaining what each show’s episode will include as well as their excitement toward their weekly breakdowns of each of the award-winning series’ episodes. 

I first heard the news about this project when Fischer and Kinsey uploaded an Instagram photo of the two sitting on a couch and throwing popcorn in the air. After reading the caption and finding out I could relive my experience watching “The Office” and receiving a behind-the-scenes rundown of each episode, I was elated. I’ve seen the show multiple times and for the ladies to show fans an inside scoop of a popular show is a creative substitute that is worth watching.

For fans who are not so enthusiastic about a new podcast and only want the show to remain on Netflix, I would recommend giving it a shot. “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” Fans should similarly view this podcast to when Michael Scott makes this statement to Wayne Gretsky in season five, episode 23. A new podcast gives us the opportunity to relive the show’s golden days, and it’s also a great way to unite fans together.

One question that I have regarding this podcast is whether the ladies will address the racism and sexism issues that were prominent throughout the duration of the show. Yes, at the time, it was all fun and giggles, but considering how much society’s views have changed since 2005, concerns have been raised regarding the show’s use of racism, sexism and so forth. Even Steve Carell, who plays Michael Scott, expressed in an interview for Esquire’s November’s cover story last year that the show “would not work in today’s climate.” It’s interesting to see whether the two ladies will address these concerns or solely focus on the humorous highlights of the show.

I know I’m especially excited to hear what they have to say about the two most popular scenes in all of the show’s episodes: the one about CPR and the other about Dwight’s fire. Those two moments are such classics, and I cannot wait to hear what great behind-the-scenes looks the girls have during those instances.

This podcast is a great way for fans to get excited about “The Office” coming back in its own way. I’m looking forward to hearing some things that happened off camera and especially the fans’ craze over this new project.

So, to all other “The Office” fans, tune in to “Office Ladies” Oct. 16 because a podcast is going to save lives.