Despite its pleasant atmosphere, Cafe Mak’s breads sell out too quickly in the afternoon


Cafe Mak displays their cakes in a glass display case and presents their other menu items on a black chalkboard. Photo taken by Megan Shin.

Rebecca Choi, Web Managing Editor

Replacing the Korean bakery, Cake House, Cafe Mak Bakery has opened in Buena Park, offering assorted breads, cakes and drinks and hoping to draw in the same clientele that frequented the previous establishment.

However, Cafe Mak’s baked goods do not live up to the previous bakery’s pastries. Cake House sold delicious signature types of breads, such as its mocha bun and ice cream popsicles. On the other hand, Cafe Mak does not have any specialties; instead, it sells the same types of pastries customers could order at any other shop ranging from $2 for small breads to $40 for large cakes.

In addition, many of the breads are usually sold out by 3:30 in the afternoon, which is disappointing because the previous cafe did not sell out until much later in the day. Luckily, many delicious-looking goods remained, such as the creme brulee donut, condensed milk baguette and tiramisu, a coffee-soaked cake layered with mascarpone cheese filling.

The $2.25 creme brulee donut boasts a nice chewy dough, but the custard filling disappoints with a very gelatinous texture and lack of flavor. Next, the $3.50 condensed milk baguette—a pastry filled with cream—is not as sweet. The cream also distinctly tastes like milk, which enhances the flavor profile. Finally, the tiramisu—the best of the three priced—is tart and sweet and costed $4.95. Although more coffee syrup soaked in the cake would have enhanced the flavor and texture, the dessert itself is made with the perfect ratio of smooth cream filling to bread.

Compared with Cake House, little has changed in the interior since Cafe Mak opened on June 24 at 5410 Beach Blvd. The layout for the cases containing bread, customer seating, cash registers and kitchen remains the same—the only differences are changes in furniture, such as chairs and tables and wall decorations. For example, the previous plain white wall on the right side of the building has transformed into an aesthetic, green photo wall. 

Regardless of the small change, the cafe has a decent amount of customers after school.

However, the employees working on weekday afternoons are slow to package the breads and seem inexperienced in working at this type of setting.

Overall, Cafe Mak’s baked goods are mediocre and lack a special something to amaze students. All in all, this bakery would not be worth revisiting. However, it possesses a pleasant atmosphere for customers to relax and enjoy an occasional dessert and drink, so it can be an acceptable spot to come with friends. 

Just as the Chinese character “mak” signifies the flow of energy and life, this bakery sure could have used some to liven up its offerings.

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