Could TikTok become the next top social media app for my generation?


Senior Jacob Won prepares to dance to the pop song “Git Up” by Blanco Brown as he prepares to record with the TikTok app. Photo taken by Accolade videographer Emily Choi.

Andrew Hong, Arts & Entertainment Editor

In our generation, all aspects of our lives are tightly knit with social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, one does not solely need high-quality content or connections within the media industry to gain views or traction during this digital age.

These days, a single post capturing a specific angle towards our generation’s current culture or trend is enough for one to become popular by gaining views and reposts on social network services. Such a case is with TikTok: a social media platform that allows users to post videos lip-synching to songs, skits and sound clips on the app where viewers can like, comment and share these short video clips. 

I encountered my first wave of TikTok four months ago through a Snapchat advertisement. On the screen, a young teen was seen dancing and lip-syncing along to a clip of the pop song “Hello Kitty,” by Avra Levigne. After the clip ended, I felt my eyes jolt away from the screen, as I quickly turned off my phone.

Within the first few days of seeing my first TikTok advertisement, I seemed to see them repeatedly as I swiped through my Snapchat stories and while scrolling through videos on YouTube. I tried erasing the name out of my mind for a week, but one day, I walked into the kitchen to see my younger sister recording a TikTok. 

I asked her how much of an impact it has made on her school community, and she replied, “It’s literally everywhere now. This is the trend.” 

However, as I searched the statistics of TikTok on, my eyes flipped wide open: more than one billion worldwide downloads, 17 billion average views per month and 500 million users in 150 countries. I could not argue with these statistics and the influence that this app has among our Gen-Z users.

This app has also managed to reach many Sunny Hills High School students, who have successfully gone viral by creating TikTok videos. In the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, news has spread that a SH student created a viral track-and-field video, which has gained almost 900,000 views. Additionally, a clip of this year’s TikTok-themed school assembly video brought in around 120,000 views. After seeing how far this app has reached members within my community, it has shifted my perspective on this new video-creating application.

Now, I see TikTok as a platform that users can express their creativity through the extensive categories provided, such as music, comedy, skits and dancing. Rather than rooting against this mobile application, I have decided to embrace my community’s current culture and trends. Therefore, I have created a TikTok account to truly help me understand this app’s capabilities. Be on the lookout for a video coming soon, after I perfect the art of TikTok-ing.