Sabrina Teitelbaum’s debut album “Blondeshell” worth coming out of shell for

Despite releasing five out of nine songs in her album Blondshell that came out April 7, Sabrina Teitelbaum, also known as Blondshell, succeeds in using her guitar to create an addictive and soothing album.

First debuting as “BAUM,” the singer didn’t like the name and music, so she came up with the name “Blondshell” over a conversation at dinner with her sister. Compared to other artists in her genre, she fares better because she tones her music through the likes of pop culture to keep up with mass appeal while maintaining the uniqueness of independent rock. 

With already half of the album available for several months, one coming out every few months, Teitelbaum makes it clear to her listeners the distinct alternative rock once again after her debut in July 2022 with the song “Olympus.”

The artist sets up the album with nine songs that either illustrate a push and pull relationship with her partner or struggles with alcohol. The first six songs highlight the conflict in her connections through varying melancholic rhythms and lyrics, slow at first, then speeding up at the chorus,while the last two represent her addiction and weakness to alcohol — a never ending rabbit hole. 

Gaining fame through the indie rock song “Olympus” released June 7, 2022 and rightfully one of the most popular tracks in the album, Teitelbaum harmonizes her vocals with a calming melody. With a nostalgic feeling to it, the singer only uses her guitar,  giving it a lonely but bittersweet mood. 

The singer writes the lyrics in a frantic manner, but Teitelbaum sings in a way that soothes over the distraught. For example, the lyrics “I just keep you in the kitchen while I burn, burn, burn” comes off as a threat in which she incorporates anger and sadness. As one of the pre-released songs in the album, ‘Olympus’ sets up the mood nicely; listeners get a taste of what her lyrics and song structure are like. 

 “Veronica Mars” bases itself off the 2004 “Veronica Mars” television show and her growing up with the show. While teenagers today may not know, Generation Z might recognize the series’ implementation in the song. The song emits a calm, relaxed presence with its slow paced lyrics. The gentle pacing suddenly picks up in speed, which seems to symbolize distress and change. 

Although the song’s duration is less than two minutes long, which is shorter than other songs in the music industry, the slower paced lyrics allow listeners to enjoy the music. The track is also one of three songs that have a music video, yet it contributes almost nothing to the song, with the lack of storytelling and editing— it seems more like a live performance on a budget. 

Contrary to the title, “Dangerous” has an enjoyable, consistent melody. The theme of the songs transition from the hurt, soulful lyrics to a desperate, faster paced melody. Teitelbaum sings of her indulgence in alcohol, trailing the song off with a defeated tone. Despite difficult to comprehend lyrics, the track has little to no flow interruptions.

While the overall album has good notes, most of the songs have a similar composition. However, each has a unique twist in Teitelbaum’s style, with a unique speed up in terms of. 

Those who have recently gone through a toxic relationship and feel like they are losing control of their life should listen to this album because of the satisfying blend of alternative rock and guitar solos that can soothe the soul.