Andrew Tate’s flagrant disrespect for women appalls the internet

Andrew Tate, a streamer with millions of followers and billions of views on social media, perfectly personifies the misogynistic and abusive ideals of the 19th century while using 21st-century technology such as social media to indoctrinate younger audiences.

His Twitch description coined him as the “Top G,” short for Top Gangster, which claims him as a feared, respected and capable individual.

His description strikes true. He is, in fact, the “Top G” — Top Grating annoyance of the year.

Unfortunately, some boys as young as 11-years old look up to him and quote Tate regularly. According to a teacher who garnered 113.9 thousand likes in a TikTok, some male students brainwashed by Tate’s rants, insulted their female classmate and said that she used her body to get money. 

One of his many infamous comments went viral when he encouraged men to physically abuse women who accuse their partners of cheating on them. 

“It’s bang out the machete, boom in her face and grip her by the neck. Shut up b****,” said Tate in a video staging his reaction to if a woman accused him of cheating. 

He didn’t stop there: he astounded the internet once more when he blamed rape victims for getting sexually assaulted. 

“If you put yourself in a position to be raped, you must [bear] some responsibility,” wrote Tate in a tweet in 2017.

It is not plausible to blame traumatized sexual assault survivors for being taken advantage of. Tate indignantly claimed that they bore responsibility for being a victim of a situation they could not stop. There is no logical cohesion in this argument. 

This example of victim-blaming is a decades-old argument with as many holes and inconsistencies in it as Tate’s claim that he is a “feminist.” 

One can only wonder what his definition of feminism is. He calls out women in true feminist fashion by claiming that they are innately irresponsible and unapologetic, with no concern for others.

As a paragon of disappointment and ideals, Tate truly deserves the spotlight he has currently on him, as the radical misogynist and abuser he is. 

Let’s just pray that Andrew Tate doesn’t ever encourage young teenage boys to follow him in his march of ignorance.