Staff Editorial: School administrators deserve praise for shifting drill schedule to add in a break afterward

The 2022-2023 Accolade editorial board unanimously agrees with the Sunny Hills administration’s decision to alter the drill schedule to third or fifth period, which allows lunch or break to follow a drill.

With sirens screeching and sun scorching down on the tennis courts as faculty members and students participated in the Aug. 25 Emergency Preparedness drill, students were not able to look forward to a break for the first time.

As Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signed legislation that stated high schools should start after 8:30 a.m. came into effect this fall, the original emergency drill schedule that placed break after the drill also experienced a shift.

Though the first drill of the school year still took place during second period, students were still required to go to their third period classes before breaking for lunch. With the prolonged time before break, students expressed feeling more fatigue in classrooms from the extended class time, Bradley said.

However, after consulting with assistant principal of Student Affairs Heather Bradley, Sunny Hills administration took into account the feedback of the staff. Starting from the Great Shake Out drill (the second drill of the school year) on Oct. 20, administration decided to conduct the drill during third or fifth period, Bradley said.

Students are still required to report to their designated second period sports on the tennis courts; administration will also have to take into consideration that student athletes who don’t have a sixth period class leave campus after fifth period before finalizing the emergency drill.

Nonetheless, the administration deserves praise for listening to its students’ suggestions. This decision early on in the school year is reflective of our administration’s willingness to make necessary changes for the improvement of school functions. 

Alongside the administration proactively assessing our school’s safety measures following the Uvalde shooting massacre in Texas, our school leaders’ response to the emergency drill schedule suggests the constructive path Sunny Hills is on for the new school year.

The Accolade editorial board is made up of the top editors and section editors on the new 2022-2023 staff with the guidance of adviser Tommy Li. If you have a question about the board’s decision or an issue for the board to discuss and write about, please send an email to [email protected].