Debut song by upcoming artist Benson Boone impressive


Jonathan Weiner

After making an impressive appearance on season 19 of the “American Idol” before withdrawing from the competition, 19-year-old Benson Boone returns to the music scene with his debut single. “GHOST TOWN” conveys sorrowful and pensive emotions felt after a breakup.

Justin Pak, Copy Editor

Whether it’s watching from the sidelines or having first-hand experience, being involved in a sour and rapidly plummeting relationship is a situation many people can relate to.

Upcoming artist Benson Boone seamlessly deals with this topic in his outstanding debut single, “GHOST TOWN,” that features great vocals and perfectly conveys a declining relationship between two lovers.

This pop ballad song begins with the singer feeling guilty that the relationship is one-sided, with his girlfriend giving him everything and him not returning anything: “You fill me up til’ you’re empty / I took too much and you let me.”

Now that the relationship is going downhill, the singer wishes to reminisce about all the things they have experienced together as a final goodbye.

The tone of the singer’s voice reflects his sadness as he believes that the relationship weighs down his girlfriend and brings her unhappiness.

The cinematography of Boone’s music video depicts the singer playing with his friends and girlfriend, which along with the monochrome color, compliments the sad tone of the song and creates an even more devastating picture: that all of that happiness was in the past and now, with the relationship coming to an end, life has lost its meaning.

Despite the song ending with no hope for the future, the song remains powerful as it speaks about ending a relationship which many can resonate with.

By ending the song without hope, Boone lets the listener know that even though it seems like life becomes painfully dull after a breakup, they are not alone in the struggle.

Boone’s Oct. 15, 2021 release shows talent for setting a tone in a pop song using his voice as well as writing meaningful lyrics, which is very impressive for someone’s debut song and shows potential for his presences in the music industry.