Staff Editorial: Stay for lunch during IFF

The Accolade editorial board unanimously agreed that students at Sunny Hills should participate in the upcoming International Food Fair.

When longing for a day filled with Lancer spirit, tasty food and a bustling atmosphere, look no further than the International Food Fair [IFF]. 

The Parent Teacher Student Association [PTSA] will once again host the IFF — scheduled to be in the quad during lunch on March 17 — for parents and clubs to raise money by selling cultural foods, drinks and desserts. The event reflects the school’s diverse student population and unites the Lancer community. 

Students, especially upperclassmen who can drive and have already experienced the fair in previous years, may be tempted to skip out on the school event to buy food elsewhere, the IFF is worth the stay. Instead of taking advantage of the hour-long lunch, students should recognize that the event serves as an opportunity to branch out of comfort zones and connect with peers of different cultures.
The IFF not only offers delicious food, but it also has captivating performances from student cultural clubs during the assembly hosted by the Associated Student Body [ASB]. Most importantly, the event emphasizes the importance of being a Lancer: showing support for the community and opening up to new experiences. 

Though the price increase from $0.50 to $1.00 per ticket is unfavorable, each contribution will go back to student-run clubs, which makes the value worth it.  

So, The Accolade wants to offer some advice for first-timers’ to the event, making sure that everything rolls smoothly for all parties involved. 


Tickets tend to be cheaper before the event begins, so take advantage of the lower prices. 

Even though all Lancers are given an extended lunch, currently over 10 clubs signed up to serve food at the event, so buying tickets beforehand is imperative to stay efficient and try all the different cuisines. 


It always helps when reminded of the golden rule, “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.” 

When lines get long, students tend to get restless and frustrated, but remember that the IFF is a fundraiser for the community, so be kind to fellow hard-working Lancers. 


To sustain the IFF legacy for future generations, do not use the event as an opportunity to go off campus.

The faculty and administration, along with our ASB, ensure the safety of our students by implementing necessary precautions. Because the IFF is an event that symbolizes the return to the “new-normal,” The Accolade hopes all students will be respectful and enjoy themselves to the fullest. 

The Accolade editorial board is made up of the top editors and section editors on the 2021-2022 staff with the guidance of adviser Tommy Li. If you have a question about the board’s decision or an issue for the board to discuss and write about, please send an email to [email protected].