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It’s worth the time to improve SAT scores

From the College Board blog

Lira Jeong

October 15, 2019

After three to four hours of taking the SAT, students feel the relief of getting the test over with. This standardized test that students struggle to do well on is the best way of getting admitted to college.  Because students knows how important the SAT is, they find ways to help themselves get ...

OC Auto Show in Anaheim Convention Center is quite electric

Accolade staff writer Hope Li sits in a 2018 BMW i3 Oct. 3 at the Orange County Auto Show at the Anaheim Convention Center. Photo taken by Accolade adviser Tommy Li

Hope Li

October 5, 2019

I don’t like cars. Nice cars are exactly what they sound like … nice. But on Oct. 3, I had the chance to visit the 2019 Orange County Auto Show at the Anaheim Convention Center with no expectations. I walked onto a black carpeted “road” with yellow lines in the middle and right into...

Hey Pomona, Williams! I’m more than my SAT/ACT score

Art by Accolade staff reporter Katherine Kim

Lauren Kim

September 24, 2019

The SAT and ACT – three- to four-hour tests that hover over students’ heads, heavily stressing them out for much of their high school experience. While in high school, students develop intellectual knowledge and academic skills to help prepare them for their future careers. In fact, many take Adva...

Raiders of the lost cause; Facebook invite to storm Area 51 not worth it

Art by graphics editor Erin Lee.

Michelle Buckley

September 14, 2019

What started out as a joke to “see them aliens” in Area 51 turned into reality when over two million people signed a pledge on Facebook to storm the northern Nevada region on Sept. 20. On June 27, California resident Matty Roberts created a Facebook event titled “Area 51: They Can’t Stop ...

New College and Career Center will benefit students

Art by assistant graphics editor Karen Lee.

Charis Lee

September 12, 2019

As students chase academic success and race for straight A’s, college is a worrisome concern for most high schoolers, especially as senior year looms closer each year.  Fortunately, the College and Career Center is available for all students for the first time in a decade in Room 2. I person...

Staff Editorial: It’s time to bring back Senior Sunrise from the ‘ditch’

Art done by Accolade assistant graphics editor Karen Lee.

Alex Park

August 21, 2019

Accolade editorial board vote count: 6-5 in favor of the changes made to Senior Sunrise. “Senior Ditch Day” is an unfortunate tradition that loomed over Sunny Hills High School for many years whenever Senior Sunrise arrived on a Friday in October.  For those that do not know, Senior Sunrise is an event for th...

Escape the Corset: Koreans push back

Art by Accolade staff reporter Katherine Kim

Katherine Kim

August 16, 2019

Behind all the trends surrounding South Korea, what people may not know is  how much emphasis Korea puts on the need to look presentable-- no matter the price. Plastic surgery rates, celebrities and makeup all show how Koreans obsess over the concept of beauty. South Korea is known for its beautiful celeb...

Time to raise legal age of gun ownership to 25

Art by Accolade assistant graphics editor Karen Lee

Annie Bang

August 16, 2019

What began as ordinary days for the people of Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, quickly turned deadly after two mass shootings broke out two weeks ago. Occuring only 13 hours apart from each other, the shooters responsible for Dayton and El Paso left 31 people dead and 53 more injured. This is not...

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