Korean and Filipino cultural shows to return to the Performing Arts Center later this spring unless COVID-19 positive cases spike


Audrey Seo

Bayanihan club members junior Chearriez Alvarez (left) and senior Jonah Alagao prepare for their cultural performance after school last semester in the quad.

David Kim, Staff Reporter

This article originally appeared in the Nov. 19, 2021, print issue of The Accolade. But in that version, it abruptly ended. This is the full story.

After clubs were restricted from hosting cultural performances in the Performing Arts Center [PAC] because of the coronavirus pandemic the past two years, organizers for events like Korean Culture Night [KCN] and Pilipino Culture Night [PCN] have been given the green light to return this semester so long as positive COVID-19/Omicron variant cases remain low.

The Korean Culture and Bayanihan clubs will have their performances scheduled in the PAC on March 19 and April 23, respectively, said Mike Paris, co-adviser of the Associated Student Body. Following COVID-19 regulations, all guests, backstage performers and on-stage performers will need to wear masks.

Because it’s an indoor event, attendance will have to be limited to no more than 500 to abide by state health and safety regulations that went into effect earlier this month. That could change by March and April.

Some members of the Korean Culture Club [KCC] have been rehearsing since last semester.

“The performances will show new and old aspects of our club,” said senior Sharon Lim, KCC co-president. “We have many performances prepared this year, and [we] hope many people can come to embrace Korean culture.”

This would be sophomore Karen Kim’s first KCN since indoor performances weren’t allowed during her freshman year, especially since a small portion of the campus came for in-person instruction during hybrid learning.

“[Ever] since sixth grade, I wanted to join nanta (Korean traditional drumming), but [because of]  COVID-19, I had no chances,” Kim said. “Now that I’m actually involved in nanta, I’m very excited to perform, and [practicing] is what I look forward to every week.”

Members of the Bayanihan Club also share a similar enthusiasm for being able to take part in PCN after a long recess. 

“I’m very excited, especially with the process before being able to perform, ” Bayanihan Club co-president senior Jonah Alagao said. “I love being able to have fun with my friends at practice doing something we’re all very passionate about.”

Some seniors and juniors who had a chance to attend these events when they were underclassmen are glad to see their return.

“I’ve always enjoyed attending these club cultural performances, ” senior Lizette Tapia Zapatta said. “They always have something unique to offer and see, so I’m glad that they’re back.”