SH seniors planning to attend Fullerton College can register in the dual enrollment program to start their college career in high school


This is a screenshot from the Fullerton College website, which shows all classes available for students in the Fullerton Joint Union High School District to enroll in the Dual Enrollment Program. Sunny Hills students interested in the program can sign up for Counseling 104, which is available next semester.

Divya Bharadwaj, Feature Editor

Sunny Hills students interested in getting a head start in their course units at Fullerton College can take one class that’s being billed as a “Dual Enrollment” option, school officials said.

The Fullerton Joint Union High School District [FJUHSD] has offered this opportunity for four years to guide students through the application process of taking classes at Fullerton College.

As of this school year, the only course offered for free to SH students is Counseling 104, an asynchronous online career and educational planning course designed to help students prepare for their academic career at Fullerton College. Students enrolled in this program participate in discussions, which take place through Canvas, a web-based learning management system, where they submit a response to a couple of questions and the following day students will respond to one another. 

“It’s a great opportunity for students, so I am just thankful and grateful that I can assist students or at least provide them with the information and the resources,” said Evelyn Casillas, who was the guidance technician in the College and Career Center before moving to the FJUHSD Educational Services Department as the data systems technician for Special Programs on Nov. 19. “This program allows them to at least start a plan without planning.”

However, classes such as Public Speaking, Introduction to Sociology and Crime Scene Investigation are offered to other schools in the district. 

Students with intentions of attending Fullerton College post high school graduation can find more information on the Fullerton College FJUHSD Dual Enrollment website where they can complete a Google Form for spring 2022 admission. 

Principal Allen Whitten’s weekly digital newsletters feature information about how to enroll and who should sign up for the courses. 

It also provides priority registration to students who have participated in the program since they are already registered at the college.

The district plans to add more classes to the Dual Enrollment course catalog to broaden the opportunities provided to students, Casillas said. No information was found as to whether any Sunny Hills students have enrolled in the counseling class as of this semester.