School officials organize ‘Night in Hollywood’-themed Lancer Awards to be held May 19 for the first time after school in the quad


Image printed with permission from Roy Datuin

Then-freshman Roy Datuin smiles with black and gold balloons at the 2019 Lancer Awards in Fullerton Union High School’s auditorium. Datuin won a Lancer Award in the math department.

Sydney Lee, Cub Reporter

Traditionally held in the Fullerton Auditorium, Lancer Awards night will occur May 19 on campus after school, administrators said.

“I am excited to be able to acknowledge our amazing students in person,” said assistant principal Sarah Murrietta, who has been working with the Associated Student Body [ASB] to plan the “A Night in Hollywood”-themed event from 5-7:30 p.m. at the Sunny Hills quad.

Students who have been invited through email to come and accept their awards have been asked to dress semiformal or business casual, similar to past Lancer Awards nights.

Additionally, to abide by coronavirus health and safety protocols, school officials could not hold Lancer Awards night with students, staff, parents and other guests inside an enclosed building like in the past. They also had to make sure to limit crowds to 33% capacity during the event in keeping with the state’s Department of Health guidelines, Murrietta said.

That would mean award nominees would only be allowed to invite up to two guests — either household or family members — compared to the past when school officials did not limit on the number of guests. 

Murrietta said she envisions students will arrive during their designated time slot and line up to walk across the stage in the quad and receive their medals while parents stand in front of the stage to watch or take pictures.

Upon arrival, recipients and their guests will have their temperatures taken and check into the Performing Arts Center and make their way to the quad, where teachers and department leaders will be waiting on stage to give students their awards. 

“I look forward to getting a chance to celebrate our students that represent the best of Sunny Hills in their given area,” said Brian Wall, Conservatory of Fine Arts director and International Baccalaureate coordinator. “I miss being together with all the parents and students.”

In the previous school year, because the coronavirus pandemic had forced the closure of all district campuses as well as the cancellation of traditional events like Lancer Awards night, school officials chose to create a video, which was sent through email to award winners and their parents, commending those who earned Lancer department awards and money from the Fullerton Honors College Honors Scholarship and KM Legacy Kindness Matters Scholarship.

“The video was well-edited, and teachers took time out of their day to … video [record comments for their student award-winners],” said junior Roy Datuin, who won a Lancer Award as a freshman for math and as a sophomore for physical education. “I liked how they gave appreciation to the students, and even though we did not get medals, I still appreciated the video.”