The Accolade‘s Best of SNO-winning stories


This year, The Accolade partnered with School Newspapers Online Sites [SNO] to bring a remodeled and revamped website after two years with WordPress.

Among other new features that we’ll continue to debut over the course of the school year, SNO selectively grants Best of SNO awards to stories and videos that showcase the best of student journalism — journalism that’s intriguing, in-depth and applies to a global context.

We’ve already racked up eight Best of SNO awards and found ourselves a spot on SNO’s Top Published Schools leaderboard. What’s even more telling is that we’ve only been submitting our work for Best of SNO consideration since Oct. 5 — meaning that other schools had at least a month’s head start on us.

When stories are selected for Best of SNO, they’re republished on, where viewers from all over the world can read our work.

So without further ado, here’s our updated list of The Accolade‘s Best of SNO award-winning work.

Last updated: Oct. 22, 2020

Nov. 2 reopening of school: Two thermal cameras at $15,000 each among equipment to ensure COVID-19 health and safety for students, staff

Unmasking a fashion trend: COVID-19 coverings lead to Lancers’ collection for trendy, stylish wardrobe for going out

Unlike its name, Instagram’s new feature fails to ‘Reel’ in many users

It’s called Discord, but the instant messaging app has actually done more uniting during COVID-19 pandemic

Game Ball: After setting record swim times for Sunny Hills in her first year in aquatics, senior commits to UC San Diego

Sunny Hills students, teachers finding College Board’s not budging much on their appeals regarding low scores from modified online exams

Remote learning 2.0: Online games, polls, new tech tools used to provide a more enhanced version of instruction for students

Sophomore forms nationwide community outreach program to deliver soothing music video performances for the elderly during COVID-19 pandemic