School officials asking for help in identifying three who vandalized 11 student lockers in November


Students’ belongings lay scattered on the floor near the set of lockers attached to the 30s building in the aftermath of a Nov. 16 early morning vandalism at Sunny Hills. Image posted with permission from Jennifer Kim.

School officials are still looking for the three unidentified male suspects caught on security cameras showing them vandalizing items inside of 11 students’ lockers last month.

“We are asking other schools if they recognize the guys,” principal Allen Whitten said. “We can get a glimpse of their faces on video [from the security camera], and they are not SH students.”

According to security camera footage, at approximately 1 a.m. on Nov. 16, three people can be seen running around the campus, pulling on locks that had not been latched all the way in and taking out items inside of those lockers, Whitten said.

Some items such as sweatshirts were also reportedly stolen, he said.

“They’re complete jerks,” the principal said. “They opened the lockers and pulled everything out. I don’t know if they got anything terribly valuable.”

Assistant principal Melissa Stinson first received a report that lockers had been broken into at 7:04 a.m. Nov. 16 from custodial supervisor Danny Rodriguez.

“I joined Mr. Rodriguez and two Fullerton Police officers who were taking the police report and reviewing footage on the security camera,” Stinson said. “We were given a police report number of 19-70242 and told to share this report number with the students impacted so they could add any personal items that may be missing to the report.”

With the help of the PTSA, school officials identified the students assigned to the impacted lockers and shared the police report number with the students the following Monday. They were given instructions to pick up recovered items from the library and report additional missing items to Fullerton Police Department.

Students did not receive fines for any damaged textbooks because of the vandalism.

“Nothing personal was stolen, so it was not a big deal for me,” said Evelyn Mcilveen, one of the 11 students whose lockers got vandalized. “I think [the incident] is funny because I don’t understand what the point is in making this mess.”

In an effort to prevent future incidents similar to what happened last month, school officials have ordered the installation of more exterior lighting throughout the campus, Whitten said.