School officials look to student body for help with making gym’s alma mater painting more appealing


Sunny Hills’ alma mater is painted in yellow with a black background — both school colors. School officials are asking students to contribute their ideas for how to make it more appealing. Photo taken by Accolade photo editor Megan Shin

With Sunny Hills’ alma mater back up on one of the walls of the newly remodeled gym, school officials are asking if students are interested in making it look more appealing.

“Now that it’s up there, we really like it, but we want to make it stand out a little more,” principal Allen Whitten said. “It looks like it’s just sitting there. … I would like to label it or frame it somehow.”

If students have any suggestions or ideas for Whitten, the principal said they can contact him through email at [email protected], or personally talk to him.

The alma mater — six lines in total — was painted back in September on the gym wall opposite the main entrance.

Its return to the recently remodeled gym was made possible after the ASB’s athletic commissioner, junior Jenna Beining, expressed concern to Whitten over the summer that it wasn’t up in the gym like it used to in the older one.

After Beining met with the principal, she got the approval to work with her committee to design the font and the line spacing of the lyrics to the alma mater.

“I would be interested in potentially adding a title to the alma mater, but [athletics director Jon] Caffrey and I decided not to add designs around it so that it matched the simplistic design of our gym,” she said.

Beining suggests that students who have any ideas should not be scared to talk to Whitten about their thoughts because he loves to hear students’ opinions.