Sunny Hills wins first CIF League of Legends game against Bakersfield in dominating fashion


Sunny Hills League of Legends team chases down Bakersfield High School’s top laner after a team fight. Screenshot image posted with permission from Soonchang Kwon

Daniel Kong, Business Manager

In its first CIF game of the season, the Sunny Hills League of Legends team won 2-0 Oct 29 against Bakersfield High School.

“We as a team were confident from the beginning,” said eSports club president Gavin Sass, who played the support role for the team in the newly remodeled Room 44 gaming class. “We drafted a really strong team comp, and we knew how to play it well.”

The reigning national North America Scholastic Esports Federation champion Lancers swept their opponent and outnumbered their kills during the game, which was live streamed for fans to watch.

Besides Sass, junior Erik Kim played top, senior Cameron Cho played jungle, junior Dylan Kim played mid and junior Soonchang Kwon was the attack damage carry.

In the first game, the first blood was given up by the opponent just eight minutes into the game as Sass secured the kill with the assist of Kwon and Cho.

As soon as the play ended, the team rotated to the infernal drake, which was taken down within the same minute.
Winning team fight after team fight, Sunny Hills was finally able to end the game after securing Baron Nashor, one of the neutral monsters that give boosts to all stats, within the 20-minute mark.

Erik Kim ended with the best kill/death/assist ratio, going 8/0/4 and leading the team in gold and tied for creeper score.
“I felt that I was controlling the game because of how much pressure I brought just by pushing the side lanes,” Erik Kim said. “They would constantly [have to bring] two or three people onto me.”

The second game was similar to the first as Sunny Hills dominated Summoner’s Rift.

Kwon secured the first blood with the help of Sass at the four-minute mark.

At the eight-minute mark, after Cho took mountain drake, he rotated to mid and assisted Dylan Kim to obtain his first kill of the game.

The deciding factor was the team fight after Sunny Hills took ocean drake at 21 minutes, where they were able to kill three of the enemies.

Kwon had the biggest impact this time, going 5/0/11 and leading his team in creeper score, gold, and damage.

“Working as a team was the key to our success,” he said. “My teammates were able to set up great plays for me, making it easy for us to win the game.”