Why do we have a Staff Editorial?

Andrew Hong, Arts & Entertainment Editor

—Many readers of our newspaper may take a glance at the staff editorial story and skip past its content without much thought.

Those who do thoroughly read our newspaper may question why we created the staff editorial and chose to keep it rather than replacing it with stories that are more informative and interesting.

But readers may not realize that the staff editorial is the essential entity that reflects the vision of our newspaper staff. As reporters, we are always on the lookout for any student concerns or improvements regarding our school. Through staff editorials, we can express our perspectives on certain issues to inform the public and bring change through the administration. 

While sections such as news report the events, editorials provide the staff’s voice and opinions. It presents a biased viewpoint on certain ideas to ultimately generate discussion among our community and spread different perspectives on the issue.

Our editorial board considers our staff’s various perspectives on topics to maintain a fair and democratic system within our team. Subsequently, our staff editorials highlight many viewpoints to engage our readers in discussion and even encourage them to see the situation through a new lens, enlightening the public with newfound knowledge. 

Opinionated stories such as our editorials help sustain the democratic system within our newspaper staff, by having each editorial board member provide their opinions and hold a vote to determine the staff’s position on the issue. 

Without editorials, the newspaper solely becomes a source for objective news reports rather than a diverse mix subjective perspectives. We, The Accolade, do not just want to report or provide insight on the latest news on campus; we will also like to provide suggestions and contribute to changing our school or society for the better.  However, with any event that occurs, it is impossible for one to not have a subjective point of view toward it.