Fox 11’s Good Day LA to broadcast video segment Sept. 19 of only male performer on Sunny Hills’ Dance Production team


Dance Production team member sophomore David Burn (left) sits down for his first professional media interview Sept. 3 with Fox 11’s Megan Colarossi, co-host of Good Morning LA. As the only male performer on Sunny Hills’ Dance Production, Burn will be featured in Colarossi’s “School Standouts” segment on Friday, Sept. 19. Image posted with permission from Leiana Volen.

Megan Shin, Photo Editor

This story was updated Sept. 19 to show the actual air time of the “School Standouts” segment on Fox 11’s Good Day LA program.

As the only male member of Sunny Hills’ Dance Production [DP] team, sophomore David Burn will be featured Friday, Sept. 19, in a segment on Fox 11’s morning news program.

A cameraman and Fox’s Good Day LA co-host Megan Colarossi visited DP’s coach, Leiana Volen, and her sixth period DP class to do filming and interviews Sept. 3 for Friday’s scheduled 8:45 a.m. broadcast. (Fox aired the segment from 8:49-8:52 a.m.)

Fox’s Good Day LA news team agreed to showcase Burn in its regular “School Standouts” segment after being contacted by the sophomore student’s mother, Burn said.

“My mom did not think I was selected because she did not get any notification,” said Burn, who joined DP as a freshman. “When she found out, she was really excited, and when my family heard the news, they were super eager to see [it on television Friday].”

Besides Burn, the Fox cameraman shot footage of DP’s student dancers, and Colarossi interviewed Volen.

“I feel very proud of David and our dance department for being recognized as a standout for Fox 11,” Volen said. “He breaks the stereotypes for male dancers and is an excellent example of following your passion, working hard and reaching goals.”

Sophomore David Burn (center) holds the Fox 11 reporter’s microphone belonging to Fox’s Good Day LA co-host Megan Colarossi, who joins Burn and the rest of the Dance Production team and coach Leiana Volen (far left). Burn will be featured Sept. 19 on Fox 11’s “School Standouts” segment on Good Day LA. Image posted with permission from Leiana Volen.

DP’s co-captain, senior Kyra Hughes, said she was excited for Burn to share his story.

“He is so hardworking, kind and passionate, making him perfect for this,” Hughes said. “David and our coach were the only ones interviewed, but the rest of the team was filmed practicing and cheering him on while he performed.”

Going into the interview, Burn said he had mixed emotions.

“I still felt a little nervous because I wanted to make sure I was giving out a thought out answer,” he said. “I was also excited to show my school and friends my story.”

As the days leading up to the airing of his segment, Burn said he has decided to invite his friends and family to a viewing party where he can stream the video segment.

“It is kind of nerve racking because I do not know how I [will] look and sound,” he said. “But I am excited to show more people my story of being a boy dancer.”