67 campus groups participate in annual Club Rush


Students sign up for the Junior States of America club. (Photo taken by Accolade photographer Brianna Zafra)

Chloe Lee, Arts & Entertainment Editor

It was three days in the quad at break with students shouting, waving posters and offering free candy such as Jolly Ranchers, Dum Dums and Snickers.

The first day — Aug. 27 — featured 20 student clubs.

Two days later, the school’s annual Club Rush continued Aug. 29-30 with 22 clubs on the second day and 25 clubs on the third day. 

“Club Rush went very well,” ASB co-adviser Mike Paris said. “We had almost every club on campus participate, and many students visited the tables during all three days.” 

Sunny Hills introduced nine new clubs for students to check out: the Sunny Hills Cube-aholics for those who play with the Rubik’s Cube, Youth Empower, Dungeons and Dragons, Economics, Cypberpatriot, Minecraft, Exchange, Distributive Education Clubs of America and French. 

Some freshmen said they enjoyed the variety of groups.

“My friends and I got to sign up for the clubs we were interested in, and it made us feel like we were officially part of the school,” freshman Nathan Lee said. 

Freshman Jay Lewis said he was impressed with Club Rush’s aim to improve student participation on campus.

“I thought it was exciting and interesting that high school gave us many options to choose from,” Lewis said. “It was helpful because it showed me some of the school’s culture.”

Some club presidents were also excited for what this year had to offer. 

“There were a lot more people signing up for our club this year,” Cooperation Act president junior Sarah Roh said. “It made me hopeful for the upcoming school year, and I have a lot of expectations for my club and also for other clubs.”

Students, teachers and club presidents found this year’s Club Rush inspiring for future ASB-sponsored events to come.

“I hope to see a lot more of Sunny Hills’ culture just like Club Rush did for us freshmen,” Lee said.