Aug. 27 Back-to-School Night changes for parents include new locations for drama, choir, band classes


Like last year’s drum line presentation in the quad during Back-to-School Night, this section of the Lancer Regiment will perform again Aug. 27 in the quad before parents visit their children’s teachers. (Accolade File Photo)

Michelle Buckley, Editor-in-Chief

Because of ongoing construction to the Performing Arts Center [PAC], parents who want to visit their children’s drama, choir, and band classes will have to go to different locations on campus during Back-to-School Night Aug. 27.

“Parents will meet me in the cafeteria where we are having class each day,” choir teacher Hailey Coburn said. “We are excited to be working together and performing for Back-to-School Night.”

Although practicing in the cafeteria is not ideal, the choir program still manages to prepare for its upcoming performances, including its performance for Back-to-School Night, Coburn said.

“It’s been pretty weird [practicing in the cafeteria], and the acoustics aren’t as great,” said senior Katherine So, a member of vocal ensemble. “However, we still have access to a piano and a large space, so we’re prepared for Tuesday.”

To ask questions regarding the drama department, parents can locate theater teacher Amanda Gieser inside Room 25.

“Although the theater classes are being held in Room 26 this year, we have musical auditions the same day as Back-to-School Night, so that room will be busy,” Gieser said.

Senior Diego Cano said he hopes for the best when parents visit Gieser with any questions regarding the theater department.

“I really hope that [parents] will encourage their kids to try out or [the students] add theater to their schedule,” he said.

Even though PAC renovations have caused some ups and downs for the theater department’s season, Gieser said she still anticipates sharing her passion for drama with parents and other visitors for Back-to-School Night.

“I’m looking forward to meeting the parents of my theater students and potential musical students,” she said.

Along with choir, a part of the Lancer Regiment will also be performing for visitors to enjoy during the evening.

“Parents can meet me in the cafeteria,” band teacher Whitney Ting said. “Drum line will be performing from 5:30-6 in the quad.”

Despite some changes, the groups said they are still looking forward to Back-to-School Night and having parents visit their programs.

“I look forward to connecting face-to-face with parents and sharing with them how we will continue to build this program and create new and exciting opportunities,” Coburn said.

One other change to the regular Back-to-School Night schedule is the combination of zero period with sixth period for parents whose children attend a zero period class. So after the opening presentation by school officials, Period 1 will meet at 6:20 p.m., while Period 0 will meet at 7:35 p.m.

Seventh period will not have a meeting time, according to an email from school officials.