Charge it! Students can now pay for stag dances with a credit card


The Sunny Hills Webstore offers Lancers a chance to use a credit card to buy a “Stag Dance Package” for $25. The purchase includes admission to the school year’s three dances: Aug. 16, March 6 and May 15.

Lauren Kim, Copy Editor

Students interested in going to all three stag dances this school year but don’t have cash on hand can now pay using a credit card.

Credit card purchases can be done by going to the Sunny Hills website,, and then clicking on the “SHHS Webstore,” which is directly next to the search option of the page. 

Once there, students can scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the “Stag Dance Package” option. The cost is $25, which will provide admission to the Aug. 16, March 6 and May 15 stag dances, according to the school website.

That’s a $5 to $11 savings depending on whether students have an ASB gold card or not as a cash purchase for all three dances would be $30 with an ASB gold card and $36 without.

The first stag event, titled “Solar Eclipse, was held Aug. 16 from 8-11 p.m. in the gym.

The ASB students prepared for the dance by attending several summer meetings to discuss ideas about decorating the gym and publicizing the event. The dance committee came up with some ideas for the theme, and the commissioners narrowed it down from there.

“We’re going to have CO2 jets, television screens at the sides of the stage, an awesome DJ, lasers and light-up podiums that students will be able to dance on,” ASB member Rachel Kim said.

On the second day of the 2019-2020 school year, the ASB promoted the stag dance with a theme-release video via the jumbotron in the quad. The video showed a group of students looking at a solar eclipse and then eventually being transported to the dance.

“There’s only so many stag dances you can get,” ASB ci-adviser Mike Paris said. “You need to find a way to go with an attitude that it will be fun, and it will be.”