BOYS TRACK PREVIEW: Lancers look to improve with more eligible for CIF


Noah Lee

Seniors Tony Salas (left) and Victor Lang practice strides Monday, March 13, at the Sunny Hills track in preparation for their Tuesday, March 28, meet at Buena Park High School stadium.

Coaches: Jacob Holloway (head coach), Ashley Bordy (distance), Kyle Calderon (strength and sprints), Andrew Guevara (hurdles)

Top Returning Players: Charles Kearny (10), Victor Lang (12), Elias Peru (11), Jered Ricabo (12), Brian Singleton (12), Carson Singleton (12), Daniel Worrell (11)

Top Newcomers: Lucas Nguyen (10), Ye Ram Lee (9), Joseph Sanders (9), Daniel Yim (9)

Last Season: The boys track team placed third in the Freeway league with five qualifying for CIF. 

Outlook: Holloway said he hopes for the Lancers, especially newcomers, to learn and gain experience from the example of veteran track and field athletes.

“There is definitely room for improvement, but this sport is a process, and I have faith over time that everyone will make strides,” the four-year head coach said.

Holloway said the boys still need to work on overcoming their mental weaknesses in how they view the sport.

“Sometimes, there is an overemphasis on place when progress is just as important,” he said. “For  most events, there is only one winner, so many athletes should focus on doing whatever they can to improve their performance and not worry too much about what place they finish.”

To prepare for their specific events, the Lancers have been practicing throughout the week for their upcoming meets.

“Everyone’s working on their individual event activities along with weight practices and weekend practices at Buena Park [High School stadium],” the head coach said.

Lang, who competes in 200 and 400-yard dashes as well as 100 and 400-yard relays, said he strives to improve and cut times this season.

“I want to hit my [personal record] this year and get better since this is my last year on the team,” he said.

The senior also has a positive outlook for the season.

“I’m pretty confident that me and my team will destroy the competition in the league and make CIF,” he said. “I performed pretty good last year; I hope that I can perform better this year, and the same goes with my team.”

Holloway said the years he has put into the program has reaped its benefits so far.

“In the past, we’ve had about 3-4 qualifiers on the boys team each year,” he said. “I’m hoping to continue or increase that number this year.”

The Lancers will compete in their next track meet against Buena Park, La Habra and Sonora for the Freeway League Tuesday, March 28, at 3 p.m., at Buena Park High School.