PROM SEASON: scheduled for April 15, the last formal dance of the school year has been reserved at an undisclosed location in Orange County


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Before prom comes around again on April 15, seniors will have a chance to vote for their king and queen. Last year, seniors Patrick Jimenez (left) and Abby Hahm took the honors.

With prom more than a month away, the Associated Student Body [ASB] plans to release its first teaser video promoting the annual event at the March 10 spring sports and election assembly, ASB officials said.

“The theme we chose is something that the prom committee and I hope that everybody can enjoy as a whole, rather than appealing to certain students,” prom committee member and junior class president Denise Bravo said. “We thought that the theme we chose was rather aesthetically pleasing, and if executed well, the decorations at the location can turn out pretty well.” 

Because the theme and venue won’t be revealed until a March 28 lunchtime video on the jumbotron in the quad, ASB adviser David Fenstermaker told The Accolade the location would remain in Orange County. 

  For certain, the April 15 event will not be held at the same location as last year, which was the Fullerton Airport’s Hangar 21 South. 

“There’s room for hundreds and hundreds of people,” Fenstermaker said. “Because it was picked during the pandemic, it had to be an area that we knew would be open, available, and wouldn’t require a bunch of [COVID-19] mandates that you still see in some Los Angeles venues.”

Tickets for Sunny Hills students and guest passes can be purchased on March 29 only through the SH webstore with a starting price that will gradually increase as it gets closer to the April event, he said.

No information was available at press time for the specific date the ASB will inform students about prom ticket prices.

Last year’s formal spring dance – the first since 2019 because of the COVID-19 pandemic – attracted 748 attendees, Fenstermaker said. 

With normalcy returning to students post COVID-19, next month’s event could draw members similar to last semester’s homecoming dance.

“Hopefully it’ll be as exciting to attend as homecoming was where we had 1,580 people,” the ASB adviser said. “Expect it to be fun and have a good time.”

Nominations for the senior prom court open the week of the 27th through an online individual nomination process.

Upon students’ return from spring break, seniors can go online to nominate their peers for prom court. No specific details have been provided. 

The ASB also plans to host a fashion show – the first in five years – on April 6 in the quad.

“We wanted to mix the way the ASB advertised prom up,” Fenstermaker said. 

Though the process for selecting who will sport the outfits hasn’t been finalized, the ASB adviser said sign-ups will begin after spring break.  

Senior Alyssa Galvez said she’s in favor of bringing this event back. 

“I think the fashion show would help students get an idea of what to wear and inspiration when picking a fit and accessories,” said Galvez, who spent around $600 on her prom dress last year to match the theme. 

Junior Carlos Arguello said he has already decided on going. 

“I have high expectations for the venue because I know last year’s selection was limited due to COVID-19 restrictions, and now that restrictions have been lifted I hope we can get a cool venue,” junior Carlos Arguello said. “I’m excited to experience prom for the first time.” 

Junior Katie Sweeney, another member of the prom committee, acknowledged that once the prom theme is revealed, not everyone will be pleased.

“There are always people who are not going to like the theme and say that they could have done better,” Sweeney said. “But, we hope that everyone will have a lot of fun, not just a select number of people.” 

With about six weeks away, the junior prom committee encourages all juniors and seniors to take advantage of the upcoming event.

“We aim to make a fun environment where students can not only enjoy, but make new memories since prom is a significant high school event that a lot of people look forward to while growing up.” Bravo said.