YES: Apps like ChatGPT hinder student growth

Kayla Martinez, Staff Reporter

Artificial intelligence [AI] programs have been aiding generations through educational applications such as Grammarly, Mathway, Symbolab, Google Translator and more, which provide means of instruction for those who utilize their features. 

Specifically, an AI platform called ChatGPT has been gaining traction since its launch in November 2022. 

As a chatbot capable of writing essays, drafting emails and answering questions for those who need extra assistance, this rising platform has opened the potential for students to use to complete their writing assignments for them, which can be interpreted by school officials as a form of plagiarism. 

 At Sunny Hills, English teachers who have addressed this concern with their classes should be applauded for doing so.

Schools should start taking more serious and specific measures to ban these programs in classrooms for any educational purposes. Though some educators have increasingly been combating the use of AI in classrooms, whether it be through in-class essays or signed contracts, more teachers in other academic subjects should consider the long-term risks of becoming dependent on technology.

Although this program allows for students to easily be stress-free about their academics, the more students rely on apps to do their homework, the less they will learn to be self-sufficient and confident in their academic abilities. Ultimately, students  won’t be putting in any work at school.

Without being given the opportunity to learn, they mindlessly copy off of these apps that give answers for free.

Students will become used to talking to a chatbot instead of asking teachers for help. Eventually, not one school-learned skill will be able to be applied in the real world.

While it is believed that ChatGPT is a 24-hour service that will give accurate answers — in actuality, the robot will not always know the exact problem and how to solve it correctly, which may lead to an error on the students’ end. 

At times, teachers may never know that their students are using a robot to write an essay for them. But if perpetrators do get caught, they face detrimental effects that may affect their capability to get into colleges. 

Ultimately, students should show academic responsibility for their own work.