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Rioters invaded the Capitol building Jan. 6 in response to President Joe Biden’s victory during the 2020 election. With its one-year anniversary, Americans should reflect on this event and work toward eliminating party divisions.

On the first anniversary of the Capitol riot, Americans need to overcome their political divide and work toward creating a more inclusive future

Rida Zar, Opinion Editor January 15, 2022

The word “anniversary” often has a positive connotation. Weddings, birthdays, the Fourth of July and several others represent the start of something meaningful and elicit joy in those who celebrate...

Vice President Harris’ casual Converse look truly en Vogue

Nevya Patel, News Editor January 31, 2021

Vice President Kamala Harris stands in front of salmon pink and apple green drapes, paying homage to her former sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, while wearing a smile reflecting her victory. With her simple...

Original Vice President Kamala Harris print cover a cover-up for racism and prejudice at Vogue

Krishna Thaker, Special Sections Editor January 31, 2021

Option one depicts her sporting a powder blue suit while standing in front of a beautiful gold and tan backdrop. Option two, with green and pink drapes messily hung in the background, shows the vice...

Writer Rida Zar looks admiringly at Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Vice President Kamala Harris sets a new path in politics for me and other women of color

Rida Zar, Opinion Editor January 20, 2021

In 1789,  John Adams became America’s first vice president after receiving the second-most Electoral College votes after George Washington. In the 47 more vice presidents to come, regardless of the...

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