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Fall musical ’Sister Act’ to be staged off campus — just one of many firsts for Sunny Hills’ theater program

The group of actors for the fall musical,

Daniel Kong

October 16, 2019

This fall’s musical, “Sister Act,” will have several firsts for theater teacher Amanda Gieser. First time the performances will be held off campus -- because of Performing Arts Center modernization at Sunny Hills, audiences will have to travel to Buena Park High School’s theater to watch “Sister...

‘Joker’ evokes sympathy from audience despite concerns over violence backlash

After officially rebranding his identity from Arthur Fleck to the Joker, actor Joaquin Phoenix celebrates as he makes his way to the Murray Franklin TV show recording. Image used with permission from Warner Bros.

Annie Bang

October 16, 2019

Expertly capturing the haunting psychology and disturbed mind of arguably the most infamous antagonist in Detective Comics history, the newest film to continue the Batman legacy, Joker, successfully conveys the villain’s wretched beginnings as a misunderstood man before adopting his iconic identity. With a ca...

Northern California singer offers a ‘masquerade’ of new songs in debut album

Maia, also known as mxmtoon, is a Northern California musician who has released her debut album,

Aaliyah Magana

October 15, 2019

Chinese-American singer mxmtoon succeeds in her first, self-released album, the masquerade, comprising 10 songs followed by 10 in acoustic format. The 19-year-old Oakland native -- who has yet to reveal her full name but also goes by Maia -- and ukulele player became a YouTube sensation after releasin...

New ‘Office Ladies’ podcast worth a listen; reunites fans of hit NBC series

Angela Kinsey (left) and Jenna Fischer will start a new podcast Oct. 16 bringing fans behind-the-scenes details from their former NBC TV show,

Michelle Buckley

October 15, 2019

As a fan of NBC’s “The Office,” I, among many others, was upset when I first heard the show would be leaving Netflix in 2021. However, cast members Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have a great way of making it up to fans by giving them an opportunity to unite over a special project the two have ...

Taking a bite into Popeyes’ ‘sold out’ viral chicken sandwiches

Popeyes' classic chicken (left) and spicy chicken sandwiches are no longer available at the restaurant, according to Popeyes' online Twitter post in August. Interest in the sandwiches went viral over the summer after a rapid increase in popularity. Photo taken by Accolade sports editor Andrew Ngo.

Andrew Ngo

October 6, 2019

For three weeks during August, Popeyes’ chicken sandwich craze went viral over the internet before, according to the restaurant’s social media posting, the meal suddenly sold out. Released across the country Aug. 12, millions of mentions of Popeyes’ new $3.99 chicken sandwich hit the internet...

Disney aims to keep its magic going with new streaming content come November

Among the many original video content that Disney+ will make available Nov. 12 is a 10-episode spin-off starring Bonnie’s toy spork from “Toy Story 4,” which was released over the summer. Image posted with permission from Disney.

Hope Li

September 17, 2019

Disney will release its own streaming service, Disney+, on Nov. 12 that will feature original content from Disney, National Geographic, Marvel and Star Wars.  Companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Roku and Sony streaming outlets will also begin to provide the Disney+ entertainment service, ...

Despite its pleasant atmosphere, Cafe Mak’s breads sell out too quickly in the afternoon

Cafe Mak displays their cakes in a glass display case and presents their other menu items on a black chalkboard.  Photo taken by Megan Shin.

Rebecca Choi

September 13, 2019

Replacing the Korean bakery, Cake House, Cafe Mak Bakery has opened in Buena Park, offering assorted breads, cakes and drinks and hoping to draw in the same clientele that frequented the previous establishment. However, Cafe Mak’s baked goods do not live up to the previous bakery’s pastries. Cake H...

Apple TV Plus to take a bite into producing its own streaming content

An artist's rendering of an image from Apple promoting one of its original streaming content. Actresses Reese Witherspoon (left) and Jennifer Aniston star in

Andrew Park

September 11, 2019

Netflix and Hulu may face some new competition in November. That’s when Apple -- the company that revolutionized the phone service industry with the first iPhone in 2007 --  plans to produce its own content to be available for a subscription price. Marketed as Apple TV Plus, the tech giant ann...

‘47 Meters Down’ not worth taking the dive to watch

Alex (Brianne Tju) swims into a thin underwater passage in which she finds human remains. Image from the EPK.TV.

Michelle Buckley

August 25, 2019

Is it really summer without a grotesque shark movie hitting theaters? Probably not. That is, if the film is any good.  If not, then it’s safe to say that the film should be prevented from killing the June-August mood. Such is the case of “47 Meters Down: Uncaged.” Released on Aug. 16, the...

Could TikTok become the next top social media app for my generation?

Senior Jacob Won prepares to dance to the pop song

Andrew Hong

August 19, 2019

In our generation, all aspects of our lives are tightly knit with social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Therefore, one does not solely need high-quality content or connections within the media industry to gain views or traction during this digital age. These days...

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