Halloween costumes are just costumes — not a political statement

October 23, 2018
Yale University — a respectable Ivy League school — was founded in 1701, making it the third oldest institution of...
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Prosecuting Trump: to do or not to do

October 22, 2018
Prosecuting president Donald Trump it is a step we must take to ensure that the American people are free from...
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Reflecting on the past two years of Link Crew

October 9, 2018
This is senior Kimberly Morales’ second year in Sunny Hills’ Link Crew, the second-year program that offers upperclassmen opportunities to...
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Why I’m disgusted by the Kavanaugh judiciary hearings

October 5, 2018
Congratulations, Democrats: You have successfully managed to embarrass every American with your pitiful performance in the Christine Ford-Brett Kavanaugh hearing...
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Nike makes the right play by signing with Kaepernick

October 4, 2018
“What was Nike thinking?” In a pithy statement, President Donald Trump sardonically tweeted in response to Nike’s debut of former...
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Apple Music vs. Spotify: Who wins?

September 27, 2018
Clean, efficient, modern: Apple Music is the superior streaming service By Tiffany Lee Thirty-five million songs on Spotify. Forty-five million...
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After taking 2018 August SAT, College Board has lost credibility with me

September 19, 2018
The greatest scheme known to any modern student has come in 118 years of making. This scheme comes in a...
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(N) Y U should go to New York

August 27, 2018
As a freshman, I was never interested in the journalism field. Then, I signed up for a Journalism 1 class...
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How Northwestern created lifelong friendships

August 27, 2018
Before the summer Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute (which we fondly call “cherubs,”) I’d had exactly one close white friend. Before cherubs,...
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Editorial: Preventing California wildfires not as easy as you tweet, Mr. President

August 22, 2018
Last year, Californians thought we suffered the worst of the damages wildfires could possibly give us. According to The Washington...
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Summer trends cause controversies and severe injuries among internet users

August 21, 2018
I scroll through my Instagram feed and notice a never-ending series of new summer trends. Viral challenges, including the Zoom...
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