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In light of the May 24 Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas, law enforcement workers should take more proactive measures to ensure safe learning environments.

Safety comes with cautious, mindful law enforcement

Hannah Lee, Opinion Editor September 21, 2022

Despite a pledge to integrally serve and protect its people, the Uvalde Police Department has failed to do exactly that. The officers at the Uvalde, Texas school shooting on May 24 might as well have...

Summer Sueki
Fullerton Police officer Gene Valencia makes an effort to engage with students, staff while on campus.

New school resource officer aims to bring an active presence among students, staff

Aiden Park, Arts & Entertainment Editor September 19, 2022

First one here, last to leave. This is the new School Resource Officer [SRO] Gene Valencia’s motto based on his main duty.  “I want to be here first before [students] get here because I want...

The Uvalde school massacre in Texas on May 24 among other school shootings calls attention to campus safety measures. Meanwhile, Sunny Hills alongside the Fullerton Joint Union High School District aim to re-evaluate its current guidelines.

RESPONSE TO UVALDE SHOOTING: Fullerton Joint Union High School District creates new school safety position, SH seeks to hire a fourth campus supervisor

Jaimie Chun, Managing Editor September 17, 2022

Sunny Hills underwent an uncommon lockdown in 2019 — its most recent — when Fullerton Police Dispatch received a call regarding two armed males roaming near the campus with  “long rifles” or “BB...

The Accolade feature editor senior Divya Bharadwaj sells handmade lip balms from her small business, Didi Balms, at a local farmers market.

A supply chain’s monetary impact on my small business

Divya Bharadwaj , Feature Editor May 10, 2022

I opened my phone to a new order from a customer — two rose and one vanilla flavored lip balm. While packing the order, I realized that one lip balm was missing. I usually have 10 lip balms of each...

The House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act Nov. 19, 2021 with the hopes of rebuilding the middle class and mitigating climate change. Disagreements within the Democratic Party, however, stall the bill from passing into legislation.

White House turns green with $2.27 trillion Build Back Better Act

Kate Yang, Editor-in-Chief April 22, 2022

Passed by the House of Representatives Nov. 19, 2021, the Build Back Better Act allocates billions of dollars to expanding job opportunities, rebuilding the middle class, investing in children’s education...

An oil depot explodes the morning of Feb. 27 — three days after Russian President Vladimir Putin launches a full-scale invasion on Ukraine — near the Kyiv region in the city of Vasylkiv. Military activity and explosions in the city have forced citizens to evacuate or find refuge in bomb shelters.

BLOODY INVASION: Students, teachers disapprove of Putin’s invasion in Ukraine for fear of global nuclear warfare

Kate Yang and Krishna Thaker March 8, 2022

Teacher and student reactions to the recent war in Ukraine have reached a unanimous consensus framing Russian President Vladimir Putin as the aggressor aiming for Russian dominance over its neighboring...

While Accolade business manager Daniel Kong doesnt have tickets to watch the Super Bowl live on Sunday, Feb. 13, he plans to watch it with friends and family at his place. With the Omicron positive cases plummeting, its safer now for crowds to gather at the Super Bowl and should not be a super spreader event as some had feared a month ago.

‘If’ … I could go to the Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium

Daniel Kong, Business Manager February 11, 2022

If you can dream — and not make dreams your master;    If you can think — and not make thoughts your aim;  … Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,    And — which is...

Like many other students, juniors Taylor Kim (left), Jonathan Alexander and Myles Luhm return to school with masks on. Alongside wearing masks, Sunny Hills and the FJUHSD took further regulations to prevent the further spread of the Omicron variant by postponing or canceling non-essential activities on and off-campus activities.

Flattening the Curve: SH postpones or cancels live events to prevent spread of Omicron variant

Michelle Sheen, Editor-in-Chief February 9, 2022

With the emergence of the highly-contagious Omicron variant in 2021, a surge in COVID-19 cases forced several school events to be temporarily postponed or halted altogether in an attempt to lower transmission...

After testing positive for COVID-19 over winter break, Special Sections editor senior Krishna Thaker finds herself locked inside her room, quarantining for over a week, incapacitated by her painful symptoms and boredom.

Catching infectious Omicron variant just makes me feel ‘positively’ terrible

Krishna Thaker, Special Sections Editor February 8, 2022

“The media is feeding you lies to keep you scared.”  “People your age have such a small chance of getting it, and even if you do, it’ll be mild at worst.” Almost two full years after the...

This is a screenshot of an email sent from UCLA to Sunny Hills Class of 2021 alumna Meagan Kimbrell informing her of the extension of remote learning. As University of California and many other colleges are opting to go online because of the new Omicron variant, SH alumni experience the limitations of online instruction.

Universities shut down in light of Omicron surges

Jaimie Chun, Managing Editor February 1, 2022

Sporting furry red, plaid pajama pants and an overfit hoodie, Sunny Hills Class of 2021 alumna Anika Madan is ready for her first period class at the University of California, Irvine.  Not exactly...

Fullerton Union High School junior Chloe Serrano shows her flyers with information on how to support her petition to amend the districts dress code policy. Since then, the Fullerton Joint Union High School Districts Student Advisory Council has been working to revamp the attire policy so that its more up to date with student fashion trends.

Q & A with student activist, junior Chloe Serrano from Fullerton Union High School — the student who first took action against the district’s dress code policy

Krishna Thaker, Special Sections Editor December 10, 2021

As schools have reopened for live instruction and student fashion has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started, many students find themselves questioning their campuses’ outdated dress code policy.  With...

With the upcoming holiday season, empty toy shelves will make gift
giving difficult, especially for parents
with young children.

Out of Stock: Global supply chain shortage causes difficulties for Sunny Hills students, teachers

Michelle Sheen, Editor-in-Chief December 5, 2021

Stepping into the makeup section of CVS, senior Melissa Macedo scanned the shelves — some barren of the products she normally sees — for her usual e.l.f. “Expert Liquid Liner” in jet black. Midnight...

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