The tension rises as the referee holds the YouTubers’ hands while the audience waits for the judges to announce the winner. Then, the referee lifts both hands up in the air.

After months of publicity, YouTube sensations Logan Paul and Olajide Olatunji, also known as KSI, finally fought in a boxing showdown at the Manchester Arena in England on Aug. 25.

To watch this event live, people paid $10 for a pay-per-view stream.

Although the boxing match has been an entertaining event to look forward to, Paul and KSI experienced a lot of drama for this occasion.

Months before the boxing match, KSI planted the seed for this fight after his victory over Joe Weller, another YouTuber who has over 5 million subscribers, by calling out the Paul brothers: Jake Paul and Logan Paul.

“It looks like I am fighting KSI,” Logan Paul said. “This is going to be the biggest event in YouTube history.”

Since then, Logan Paul and KSI have been taunting each other nonstop through video “disses” and roasts, hyping up the match that would take place Aug. 25.

However, Paul and KSI are not the only YouTubers who have been called out to a boxing match to fight.

Logan’s younger brother and Deji Olatunji, also known as YouTuber ComedyShortGamer and KSI’s younger brother, boxed against each other as well on the same day, right before Logan and KSI exchanged physical blows.

The Paul brothers attended press conferences together that publicized the fight with KSI and Olatunji.

The younger Paul brother won the match against Deji; however, the match between the older Paul brother and KSI ended in a draw, which upset many fans who were hyped for a winner. After the judges announced the tie, many viewers believed the event was a scam for the tremendous amount of money the YouTubers would receive.

Following the event of the boxing match, Logan and KSI are continuously releasing several videos explaining why either one of them should have won. They are also planning on participating in a rematch to see who would win the next time.

The four YouTubers have a combined total of over 60 million subscribers, and many have questioned whether YouTube should get directly involved with this kind of content.

While the event has amassed lots of money and publicity for YouTube, the company is also under a lot of scrutiny for allowing months of drama for a violent sports match to take place. To decrease criticism, the company is working toward methods that will help YouTubers raise money through other practices.

“We’re thinking very deeply — and every single day — on how [to] create the right incentives and disincentives for creators to do the right thing on YouTube,” said Robert Kyncl, chief business officer of YouTube. “That means do the right things for the platform organically — and not chase sensationalism, not chase views for the sake of views and not chase drama for the sake of views — and not use drama at our expense for the sake of views.”

Despite YouTube directly dealing with these fights, viewers love to get involved with non-athletes who made their names by talking trash on YouTube.

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