The Accolade website. It was a whole new platform from which the whole world could access our news. A bit daunting at first, yet our staff took up the task. However, having to come this far took more than a mere agreement on simply “creating a website.” On top of having to publish 12 issues in 10 months, we just didn’t have the experience—from a physical paper to a digital screen, the transition was more than drastic.

Our editors never fully agreed on the benefits of going online. But after attending several classes and learning from students and advisers of other high school online publications, we saw that producing a website is one of the best ways to represent The Accolade to a wider audience. Our desire is to have the reader immersed, entertained and informed in every piece we post, whether it’s an article, video or even a cartoon.

We want to keep readers such as yourself in a constant loop, and in this rapidly modernizing world, what better way to do that than by going online? It merely serves as an extension of communication that print newspaper provides us. It’s us, but just more.

But going online does not just mean more articles. At the end of the spring semester, our adviser recruited two student videographers to join our staff to help bolster our entry into providing online content with a multimedia slant—something that print cannot offer to our readers. We also envision promoting these video packages through the ASB’s jumbotron to draw in more views. This will allow us to form a more intimate interaction with interviewees and allow us to explore more creative and entertaining pieces.

We aim to post content relevant to what’s happening during our school week, as well as reach out to a larger audience. With an online platform to publish such articles, we will pay close attention to minute details to upload the best content we have to share. We plan to uphold California Education Code 48907, which outlines the rights of student journalists.

Content will be uploaded according to global news in addition to school events. For the interest of readers, we will have appealing features to illuminate the experiences of campus life.

However, we want our readers to participate. As we’ve learned, the only way to create our brand is to make sure it’s yours, too. Viewers will be able to provide feedback about the content we publish, both praise and criticism. Follow us on our newly created Twitter account and existing Instagram and Facebook pages as these social media sites serve to highlight the most important information at any time. If there’s an accuracy issue, let us know—we will do our best to correct it as soon as possible.

From now on, it’s time to jump into a new era. The Accolade website is here, and we plan to stay. We hope you come back for more because we’ve got issues… in print and online.

8 thoughts on “Why we’re back: An introduction to our resurrected website

  1. Personally, I felt the website overall was very clean and put together. The neutral colors with green accents aren’t harsh on the eyes and the minimalist style of composition is aesthetically pleasing. It reminds me of the news websites I access at home to read about current events, and that makes it even better. A website’s design is crucial to leaving a lasting impression on its viewers and I feel like this will have students and teachers coming back for their news. On top of that, everything on the website is easy to access and every article is organized to help students and teachers quickly find out about current events.

  2. From what I’ve seen so far on this website, I’m looking forward to more! I like how interesting each article is because it makes me want to return when new articles come out. The Crazy Rich Asians and Travis Scott articles are great to read because of how relevant and popular they are in this current time. Whether the articles are about serious issues going on outside of our school, or trendy topics that we can all relate to, I truly feel like they are equally as informative and interesting to read. The layout of the website is pleasing to look at and doesn’t overwhelm me with the colors, pictures, or writing. Additionally, not only are we getting news, I love that I don’t have to wait until the physical copy of the Accolade comes out to read new things. Typically, teenagers don’t read news very often, but this website and its content give me a good feeling about more students being involved with reading what the Accolade puts out.

  3. I was overall pleased with all the contents of the articles, but I think that the Accolade should post a more school related articles covering recent assemblies or upcoming events. Also, I’d like to praise how the structure and format of the website is so closely similar to those of the professional news websites like New York Times and LA Times. Lastly, I noticed that in the bottom of the page there are two links with the title: “Like us on Facebook” and “Tweet us on Twitter”, and I am wondering why the website does not have one for Instagram.

  4. The format and the way the whole website was handled seemed very professional. The articles, regarding the chrome book hacks, the wildfires, and LeBron James all informed me of something that I originally did not know even when looking at the news online from time to time. Additionally, the articles that were chosen were all written in a way that many could easily understand and entertained. For, example the article on the Lakers entertained me although I usually have no interest in sports. Overall, the whole website was put out so well with the fun stories and nice website layout.

  5. I’ve found that the Accolade website takes advantage of every tool at its disposal in order to make its stories as entertaining as possible, which is just another reason I keep coming back to it! The stellar photography and aesthetically pleasing layout of the website helps its readers not become overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of information they’re receiving, and this website streamlines the process by which Accolade viewers and readers are able to receive the newest edition. Despite the challenges that come with transferring physical content to a digital medium, the coders, photographers, videographers, and everyone who came together to help create this website have truly outdone themselves.

  6. The new website was really easy to use, I can see the Accolade Twitter feed here instead of going on the Twitter website, which is blocked on our chromebooks. Are some of the pictures from the assembly cut off at the top, or is that just the margin of the slideshow? Overall, the news staff did a great job!

  7. I liked how easy it is to find articles and how we can view your tweets from here (since Twitter is blocked on the chromebooks). The slideshow of pictures are also easy to view, but the pictures might be cut off, like the choir director’s head. (Or the picture was like that originally?) But besides that, the new website looks great!

  8. I really enjoyed the set-up of this website! My only concern was that some articles, such as the one on summer controversies, had an image that was not well correlated with the writing. I think the article could have been better represented with images it talked about, like the “In my feelings” challenge. It would have made it a lot more appealing. Overall, I think this website is a success and I’m excited to learn more and read the upcoming articles!

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