‘Unsolved’ encounter at Knott’s
Seniors Isabella Nonles (left), Laysha Lezama, Audrey Jo, Eileen Lindo and Annabel McDonald pose in front of Buzzfeed Unsolved's co-hosts Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara alongside Knott's Scary Farm monsters on Oct. 7. (Photo by Accolade entertainment editor Audrey Jo)

My life is now complete — and I haven’t even graduated yet.

That’s because of an Oct. 7 event I attended at Knott’s Scary Farm, where the cast of YouTube’s fastest trending show, “Buzzfeed Unsolved,” came to meet fans.

I had not planned to go to the park this year because of its pricey $57 admission and its late starting time, 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. However, once I saw Buzzfeed’s Instagram page claiming that the iconic show hosts, Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara, would be there to greet fans, I immediately asked my friends if they wanted to go.

It was an amazing experience, as we had to navigate through Ghost Town to find where the internet celebrities would be. Many of the routes led through “scare zone” areas that pumped heavy fog so that one could not see the road — or oncoming “monsters” — ahead of them.

We were finally able to locate the building they were in and came across a long, winding waiting line. We had to walk at least a block through the fake town to see the back.

In the end, it took two hours for us to finally meet the iconic duo and take our picture with them. Was it worth it? As a die-hard fan of “Buzzfeed Unsolved,” I’d say it was worth every second.

As we finished and left to enjoy the rest of the park, my friends and I were absolutely feverish. This wasn’t the first time I had encountered a YouTube creator, but to meet my favorite show’s hosts during the Halloween season — perfectly matching the show — at a horror-themed park was the whole package.

Now, after the third season of “Buzzfeed Unsolved” has been released, I watched and relived that moment when I would actually meet them in person. Though it was nothing more than a few minutes of bliss, the meeting and overall experience at Knott’s Scary Farm was nothing short of a frightful delight.

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