After a three-year lull, the American musical duo, Twenty One Pilots, has returned with an intriguing album.

With 14 songs on the rock album Trench, the band creates several different musical effects for listeners. For three years, fans have been waiting for a new album to drop, and their songs in the new album create a different effect on the listeners. Some of their songs, like “Leave the City,” include melancholic lyrics, while the other tracks are more energetic, like “The Hype” and “Cut the Lip.”

The album starts off with “Jumpsuit,” which Tyler Joseph leads off with lyrics about the fear and struggle of being at a new place. Yet, this song does not leave a strong impression to the audience because the song sounded repetitive. The first song of an album should typically convince listeners to excitedly want to listen to the rest of the album, but “Jumpsuit” does not seem to do so.

However, the album does include songs that are more upbeat and playful, such as “My Blood,” “Nico and the Niners” and “The Hype.” Joseph is the lead singer, and lead drummer Josh Dun plays behind the lyrics, bringing a good beat to the song and making it interesting to listen to.

“Pet Cheetah” and “Leave the City” are two songs that stand out in the album because of the mix of their more sentimental and groovy vibes. The slower beat in “Pet Cheetah” makes the tune sound calmer and relaxing after listening to the other songs. “Leave the City” starts with piano, which enforces a more emotional, nostalgic mood. The vibe is not as upbeat and exciting as before, but the song itself is still very well-written.

Listening to their music leads us to wonder why the boys don’t get as much recognition as they should.

Hopefully, Twenty One Pilots’s highly anticipated album will soar to the top charts since their album includes many different songs that combine to produce a unique effect on the listeners.

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